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Fish Tank BUMP
Post edited August 28, 2013 by Barry_Woodward
Voted, I'm in.
Thanks for the giveaway Barry_Woodward +1
Oh, and voted.
Post edited August 24, 2013 by Moonbeam
It seems I've already voted for the game. We are 9 shy of 300 votes!

Not in but thanks for the giveaway.
Post edited August 24, 2013 by zaine-h
Having gotten Aquaria from a Humble Bundle a while back (it was the last Humble-Bundle-with-Android) I started playing it a couple weeks ago. It is a beautiful game, and it is hard. Maybe it's hard for me because I'm not really a hardcore gamer and my ability to figure out boss-fighting strategies is basically nil - or maybe it's hard for everyone, I don't know. But despite the many moments of lip-chewing tension, usually followed by another death, I really want to keep playing. It has a very strong exploration component and the desire to see what's in the next cave, or just around the next bend, keeps me in for hours at a time.

All to say, this game should really, really be here on GOG.
Only 8 more!
Post edited August 30, 2013 by Barry_Woodward
7. in.
Now 6 votes left.
Wow this is like a combination of Ecco the Dolphin and Castlevania SOTN.

Vote given. Now it's 295 total votes.
Just 2 votes to go!
Post edited August 31, 2013 by Barry_Woodward
I'm in. Vote no. 299. So, just one to go :)
One to go BUMP
Only "1" vote left until some lucky someone wins Deponia!

One - Aimee Mann
Post edited September 01, 2013 by Barry_Woodward