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Wishbone: Any progress on the ScummVM part of the project?
Elenarie: The bird house and some other stuff I had in mind are done, so I guess I'll do some work on it tonight.
Hey, it's not an obligation, I was just curious. Just go at your own pace if you still want to do it. I just think it's an interesting project you're doing :-)
For those interested, you're free to continue this if you want. I am done with it. A certain thing was the main motivation behind this, and since that won't be happening, most likely, at all, I see no reason to continue this project.

EDIT: I'll be focusing more on real life stuff in the near future, and a lot less on gaming related stuff.

EDIT2: If anybody needs to contact me for whatever reason, PM me here or email me. Emailing would be better as I'd see the message immediately.
Post edited August 06, 2012 by Elenarie