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I believe that some games just do not need sequels. More than that - sometimes developers create plot so.... complete, that making continuation will only do things worse. For example (SPOILERS):
Baldur's Gate 3 - I can't imagine plot of BG3. Throne of Bhaal ends this storyline - Bhaalspawn has power equal to gods, every character has his own "what happened after"... there is no "to be continued" option like in BG1. The only possible way to continue this series is to make entirely new main character... but that is something I definitelly do not want.
Legacy of Kain (Soul Reaver 3 or Defiance 2) - same as above. Elder God is dead, Raziel is merged with Reaver. For me Defiance is a perfect complacement of this series.
Arcanum 2 -it's the same case as Fallout 3. Made by different group of people, 3D graphics, first person perspective, console-style gameplay. Arcanum is my all-time favourite and I don't want this legend to be destroyed.
Post your types & discuss.
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I can accept the "No BG3" choice as there is a large amount of D&D derived games already out there. However I would LOVE more games in the wonderful world of Nosgoth. There is certainly enough lore to make excellent stories and games.
Arcanum was a game that I really wanted to like but just couldn't.
I can't actually think of many games that I loathe enough to exclude all sequels though.
A sequel to Arcanum was planned before the fall of Troika.
Baldurs Gate 3 as a sequel, I agree it would not work, TOB finished everything off nice enough. A prequel mayhaps...
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I cannot agree with arcanum. There are not enough steampunk RPG's out there. But only if BioWare makes the sequel. They seem the only one studio capable of doing a good story-based RPG.
When you consider how Dreamfall: The Longest Journey was a total travesty, I hope there is not a part three (although it's supposed tio be a trilogy) and would much rather see an updated TLJ re-released (maybe on GOG?!) with new packaging showing the 11 million copies sold, the 14 languages it had been translated into, the dozens of awards and of course the seven 100% and thirteen 90%+ reviews (see metacritic). that makes it one of the highest rated metacritic games of all time!
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