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My first gaming system was an NES with some of the more infamous Nintendo Hard games like Battletoads and Mega Man 1. I cut my teeth on those, so to speak, and I can handle most games in that vein quite easily :D

I also played Gothic 1 with its rather interesting control scheme and Gods Eater Burst on the PSP where you literally have to adopt a technique known as the Claw in order to properly play the game.
Terpor: Snake's Revenge on NES
i really didn't really care about the story and the only thing that kept me playing this game was the music and the atmosphere.
carnival73: Those first two Metal Gears were some pretty hard games from what remember. I think I got to the end of the first one.

Actually all of those NES titles were pretty friggin' brutal.
I beat the first Metal Gear. Still remember lobbing ROCKETS at the final boss who was just a human with tons of health :D.