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Lobsang1979: It was a short clip but to me this just looks too clean and shiny for 40K, like it could simply be a Halo/Gears of War/Starcraft movie if you were to change the setting a little. If I was ever going to watch a movie about the 40K universe and not feel the cheese from the moment I lifted the DVD box, I would want it to emphasise the gothic nature of the IP and follow an Inquisitor and his retinue, for example. And I wouldn't want the Marines anywhere near the plot. But that's just me.
Still, congratulations to the producers for even getting this off the ground in the first place.

W40k haven't been gritty for 15 years. I played it before that and read White Dwarf but it all went downhill when that balding guy with glasses got too much room. That sissy made Warhammer mainstream. Yeah that was when they truly got successful but I still hate him.
No I don't remember his name but anyone that read White Dwarf in the 90s know who I mean.
Aliasalpha: ]I reckon smurfs get picked because they're easy. No codex deviations (other than the occasional "Ooh we fight tyranids so much we're slightly specialised, how rebellious!") means they just have to set up the genetically engineered super soldier (who are way cooler than any of the poser wannabe supersoldiers) and talk about the emperor a lot. With other chapters they have to set up additional information or lose the uniqueness of a non smurf chapter.
Blood Angels: Black rage & hints of gayness
Space Wolves: Wolfy viking tendencies & ladles of gayness
Dark Angels: The Fallen, deathwing, ravenwing & buckets of awesomeness
So, you hate the Ultramarines because... there's nothing especially weird about them? You're making Robert Guilleman cry. "Generic" isn't necessarily bad, you know. The way I think of it, what makes the Ultramarines distinct is that they've actually struck a balance between being Emperor-bothering tightasses and being borderline heretics.
Plus, I expect the movie to mostly be a whole lot of mindless violence. If mindless violence is what we're going for, the Ultramarines will do as well as any other chapter.
I like the Ultramarines. They're pretty much the essence of a Space Marine Legion/chapter/whatever. After all their primarch wrote the Codex Astartes. And blue is a nice colour. :)
But I have to agree with Aliasalpha. The Dark Angels rule.