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Hello all! I recently bought a bundle for which I didn't really want all the games (but really wanted the others!), so the ones I didn't want I'm going to give away!

The two games are:

iBomber Defense
The Journey Down: Chapter 1

Participating has no requirements. A simple "I'm in" will suffice. :) I'll pick the winners in three days, on Monday the 25th of March once I'm home from work, at no exact time. (Which will make it the early morning in the US by then, most likely.)

EDIT: Also say for which game you are in. If you do not mention which one, I'll assume you're in for both.
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I am in for iBomber.
Thanks :D
Post edited March 24, 2013 by robb5
I'm in,thanks :)
I am in :) Thank you
In for The Journey Down. Thanks for the giveaway MorphysLaw!
Not in, but +1 rep to you!
Thank you.


Due to unexpected kindness by Momo1991, I am forced to withdraw....
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In for both, but if I win, give it to cj13810, okay?
Thanks and +rep.
Post edited March 22, 2013 by triock
Count me in!
Another ALL IN entry for cj13810, if you're allowing that!

And thank you for the giveaway! ~plus one and a smile~

Dratted ninja's around here - was gonna edit in Mrtophat101...! Hmmm, checks lists to see whose next in line before triock ninja's me again!

UPDATED...following the Master Ninja's lead!
Post edited March 22, 2013 by Momo1991
im in
I am in for The Journey Down: Chapter 1.

Thanks for the giveaway!

EDIT :Triock gifted me this game, so I am out. :)
Post edited March 22, 2013 by mrtophat101
Don't think I don't appreciate the help, but what did I do to deserve special treatment?
Not in but +1, thanks for giveaway! ;)