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The only experience I have with T&T is with the New World Computing game, but since the tabletop RPG is supposed to be quite highly praised, I figured some of you might be interested in this piece of news: Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth and other developers who have worked on past iterations of T&T are working on a deluxe edition of the game (based off 8e?). Time to start saving up if you want it, since the Kickstarter will likely be up in Summer 2013 (if the world hasn't ended yet).

I stumbled upon their latest teaser by pure accident while searching for info on the rules. The video was put up only last week. Check it out here:

-edit- Oh apparently it's been announced several months back already. Oops :$
Well at least the teaser is new.
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And it's up!
Good thing i have a few spare wands of fireballs and acidballs laying around, to deal with all these trolls.
I also asked them about their old CRPG and told them about GOG existence; they promised to look into it. So go vote for it!
KS goes amazingly well so far, here's waiting for stretch goals!