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Thanks for the giveaway!

Not sure it's my most favourite or not, but the first thing poped up on my mind is Chrono Trigger's soundtrack. :)
Not in, but +1 to you lukew for your generosity :)

Grilledfish: It's hard to pick a favourite, but I'm listening to Torchlight 2 now and it's great. It's also free here.
And also +1 to you for the link ;)
You can count me in :) +1

Fav soundtrack, always have problem with picking my fav, let's say that last one that I liked was Skyrim soundtrack :)
Thanks lukew, count me in please. Don't guess I really have a favorite soundtrack after all the games I've played. Nothing really memorable that I can think of.

I've always liked the Soul Caliber (old Dreamcast game) music themes though.
I gotta go with Diablo as my fav game soundtrack, with honorable mention for Skyrim. Thx
Thank you

I'm not sure about my favourite one, but I surely like Morrowind's
Skyrim and Morrowind get stuck in my head a lot.
My favorite soundtrack is The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. I just really like it for some reason!
Thanks for the giveaway!

I would have to say that my very favorite music soundtrack is Neverwinter Nights.

I'm a huge fan of Jeremy Soule's music.

Right now, I'm listening to Giants: Citizen Kabuto's soundtrack and it's giving it a run for its money.
The Great Giana Sisters had a great sound.
While I generally like Guilty Gear's Soundtrack, Betrayal at Krondor's theme music is one of my favorites.
I'd have to say one of my favorite soundtracks would have to be from Tyrian, not only is electronic music but i really get this sense that i'm flying a space ship. That sci-fi feel which suits me very well :)
Bastion had a really good soundtrack. Lots of cool acoustic guitar.

Thanks for the giveaway!
FF7 is my favourite game soundtrack. It has so many tracks which make me remember every moment of the game. It takes me back to the late 90's when i was a kid. It was epic, and i listen to the OC remix album and various youtube musicians with their rock versions of certain songs from the game.
Indigo Prophecy for filling the game with tracks from a Theory Of A Deadman album - grand cinematic scores are great but it's nice to occasionally hear regular music. The guitar mini game had some pretty nice tracks too.