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Congratulations on reaching your third star Charon.

I'd like to enter for Pixeljunk Monsters HD.

I've always been a fan of Tower Defense games since I first played Warcraft 3 TD which I fell in love with and played for quite some time. Lately more and more tower defense games have come to the PC market but some of them try to inovate, such as Sanctum, Anomaly and Dungeon Defenders, by mixing up some elements from other genres. After checking some impressions and some reviews I found out that Monsters HD is actually a pretty good title one that is more similar to the "classic" TD games than most of so called TD that have been released and that alone is enough to make my curiosity tickle, I'd love to play it!

Thank you for the giveaway!
My pick will be Pharaoh + Cleopatra since I just realize that I was lacking city building games (Sim City doesn't count, it's being a (jerk) mayor simulator).

Also the fact that I miss the time when I played Caesar. I want another intimate city building again and I think Pharaoh+Cleopatra will fill the need.
Thanks +1
a few words about the game i want:

Well it wasn't my fist RPG i played. But from the very first moment i was hooked. I think it was the first one were i
made complete maps of every location. I loved playing it on my C-64, so much that i bought the Amiga and PC versions and played them too. What game? Pool of Radiance of course. Its not on GOG? Shocking!!!
But sadly i can't think of any game here that i want, even if i didn't need to pay for it.
The game I would like the enter for will be Leisure Suit Larry: Greatest Hits And Misses

The reason I want this game is because, I like adventure games in general but I've never played any classic Sierra adventure games but I've have heard that they are quite challenging and I like tricky puzzles in a adventure games, makes it give me that classic feel, where when you get a new item or get to a new screen you feel like you have made massive progress but really you haven't at all, you only just got more and more stuck that you ever were before.
Plus I always love the kinda graphics those game had, dunno why but just have anyways have, anyway I feel that this game will give me hours of fun, figuring all the puzzles out and advancing through Larry daily life as he gets into all sorts of crazy things, anyway I feel that great game to my library of gog games and one that I enjoy at the most.

But yes congrats on 3 stars, I'm only on one still, I will get there someday (I hope)

Please do count me in Charon121, many thanks
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Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on that third star.

I'm in for Eador: Genesis. I know it's only $5.99 and you said $9.99, but I reallyyyy want to get into this game. Up until now my favorite game of all time has been Master of Magic. I have also liked Heroes of M&M and other TBS, but the fact is I have spent a lot of time and wasted money looking for a game as good as MoM or even almost. All have fallen short, some very short. The game card and reviews for Eador have convinced me that it could be the one.
A friend who I hardly ever hear from out of the blue sent me a Youtube review of Eador and I was like "Wow! Cool!" I had already started yearning for a chance to try it but that focused my yearning and took it up a level.
Please help!
Congratulations on the third star :)

I'd like to enter for Planescape: Torment .

I'm a big fan of RPG games. I've played only Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights games from Dungeons & Dragons universe and I heard very good things about Planescape: Torment so I would really like to play it. It has been a while since I played an RPG where I could totally emerse myself in the story and Planescape: Torment is lauded as an RPG with the best story which makes me want to play it even more.

Thank you for the giveaway :)
I'd like to give Smugglers V a shot. I've never played an open ended space game before, and who wouldn't want to become a space pirate? Seriously, a SPACE PIRATE!! Do you think they still have eye patches and parrots? How do parrots feel about space anyway? I intend to find out.
I'll enter for Long Live the Queen.

Passionate isn't really something I do, but I can at least outline why I want the game. The premise of the game is really interesting, and I would like to see if they take the potential to its full extent. It also seems to be different from your standard game, which is something I have been gravitating towards lately. And finally, I see plenty of people who have played the game raving about on these very forums.

And thank you for the giveaway. :)
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Not in, but thanks and +1 for your generosity, and congrats on your third star. :)
Not in, since I already have all the currently-available games I'm most passionate about; but props to you for an original idea for a giveaway.
Congrats and +1 for the giveaway and to make it faster to 500. :)

Not in.
Thanks for your generosity, Charon121, and congrats on the milestone!

I'd like to enter for Descent 3. I've recently completed Descent 1+2 and loved those games. The six degrees of freedom, the weapons, the pulse-pounding soundtrack, the fast-pace, the smarter than average AI...everything about this series adds up to a simply amazing experience. I would love to finish the trilogy, as it's my understanding that Descent 3 picks up right where Descent 2 finished. The great thing is that Descent 3 also opens up some environments beyond the tunnels of the first two games, and while I love those enclosed environments of the first two titles I can't wait to see what the developers did with the new graphics engine. This is one of the most immersive game series I've ever played, and I'd love the chance to play the third installment. Thanks again!
Not sure if this is still active, but I'd like Pharoah + Cleopatra

I love city sim games and would like to own this one. I thoroughly enjoyed Poseiden and Zues and Caesar and I feel like this game would make my experience with these kind of games better. Congrats on the 3 stars and +1 for the giveaway :)
I'd like to enter for Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

Most of my purchases since coming to GOG have been digital versions of classic titles I already own in physical form. Having been a gamer for so long, I suspected that I have already played most games I would like from the 90s. After much browsing through the GOG catalogue, I found 2 90s titles that I'm amazed I had never heard of because I love their genres. Omikron is one of them. The screenshots, especially, fill me with a Deus Ex type nostalgia. But more importantly, GOGlodyte reviews talk about a "flawed", but "lovingly crafted" video game. When I think about it, this is a characteristic that is shared amongst almost all my favourite classics. Omikron is supposedly criticised for some of its disjointed mechanics, but what I hope to remember is a deep narrative set in an open world.

How dare you make me gush over a game I've never played! Shame on you ;)
I'd love to get to play the full version Papers, please! I only got to play the demo.

I am interested in playing this because it manages to bring back some the the atmosphere of the 80s and early 90s of the of the Iron Curtain countries. I only got a glimpse of the feeling since I was born in the 80s but believe me it's a chilling feeling. But where the game truly shines is in showing the miserable life you have outside the office (typical for the 80s eras) and how you risk losing it all if you try to help people. Also, another aspect that fascinates me, and game makers managed to pull it off exceptionally well IMO, is how a low level customs clerk can have so much power over the lives of regular people. It's typical of a dictatorial regime, the bureaucracy has so much power over the regular Joe that even a low level clerk can give you hell and the citizens react to this my becoming servile, docile and submissive. Popular sayings appear to emphasize this behavior, in my country it was "Capul plecat sabia nu-l taie" (meaning "Keep you head down and it won't get cut off"). It''s a truly awesome game that I highly recommend to anybody.

Thanks for the giveaway, it was really fun writing about the game. :)