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Hi folks, I haven't given away anything in quite some time, and this morning I noticed that a third star appeared below my username, at 450 posts, and not 500 as I had thought. To celebrate, I'll give away one game up to $10.

If you want to compete, you have to earn the game. The only thing required of you is to post the name of the game you'd like to get and explain, in several sentences, but no more than 10 lines, why you'd like it. I want to see passion, I want to really feel your need for that game, and maybe you'll get it.

Let's keep this giveaway short, I never liked ones that stretch out for a week of more. People stop posting in the thread after the second day anyway. So this one will be closed this evening, sometime after 20:00 GMT+1. That means you have exactly 12 hours to post here if you want the game and afterwards I'll choose the winner.

UPDATE: My choice wasn't easy as I was in quite a dilemma (or rather, quadrilemma :)) about whom to reward. In the end, I declare Dzsono the winner of the giveaway. His post describes what GOG is all about – playing some true gems of the historical entertainment industry while forgiving some technical imperfections those games might have. Incidentally, I already own Omikron, so I know he'll like it very much, despite the fact that the game could have been so much more. Congratulations to the winner!
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Not in, but congrats on your third star and thanks for the giveaway.
id opt in for:
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

id love to get this game c/o the story being fantastic, and the promo video on the game page definitely makes it even more appealing. its like jigsaw on roids in the future. the authors narration is quite the added boon in my need to play though this classic. almost all the scenes with the final humans in cages makes my brain alight with the possibilities and desire to see whats going on, especially the scene with monkey-man at the :34 second mark with the blades on timers whizzing past his face and it barely missing.

congrats on the 3rd star!
thanks for a giveaway Charon121!
Well, I´d like to be in for The Cat Lady!

There had recently been a very positive review on the, in general, very indie-critic page and I already got a few recommendations by other users, too.
The storyline seems to be very dark, very mature, very heavy and, as I´m doing quite well in Reallife at the moment, I´d like to experience real depression in a game and this one´s graphics style, voice acting and thematic seems to perfectly suits on this.

Oh, and big congrats on your third star!
Congrats on the stars, and thanks for the giveaway! Count me in :D

I want The Longest Journey. I've heard of how it's the best adventure game ever, how it presents a tight, intelligent, magical story with the best female lead of all-time. I've heard how it's the perfect length, never boring, always entertaining. I've heard that it is a must-play for any story-loving gamer...and I've also heard that I don't have enough money to get it :/ I need to play this game!
Ok passion I can do. When December last year, out of nowhere Eador: Genesis was released here, I instantly felt like in the 90s again. But unlike back then, the game is easy to get into. But the learning curve is immensly long. I play it for over half a year with only short breaks. I still learned things after 500 hours. This game is the perfect Fantasy 4x, I could even now just start playing and never stop.
I am in for Wizardry 8.

The Wizardry series is regarded as one of the premier old school RPG series, and it's final game is reputed to be the best in the series, giving the saga a satisfying conclusion. I am told that the story and dialogue are great and there is a lot of depth and customization available. It has been called a timeless classic, and compulsory for any fan of old-school RPGs so I am really looking forward to playing it one day, I am sure that when I do I will have a great time with it.
Divine Divinity.

My physical copy doesn't play nice, which figures since I bought it for like one euro at a second-hand store.

Yeah, that probably doesn't win me anything, but there we go. +1 and thanks, by the way.
Not in, but thanks.

As an avid adventure game player I was always intrigue by this game, I usually prefer point and click games, third person with cartoon animation etc. so I never got to pick up the game but was wondered how it due to it praise (and some harsh critic).
Gratz on the 3rd star :)

I'm for Pinball Gold Pack

I've always been a sucker for pinball games, be it the real deal or computer versions.
The first computer based pinball game I ever played, was a game'n'watch type of it.
That got me hooked, and when I got my first C64, pinball games were sought after and played like crazy.
Pinball Dreams on the Amiga 500 really got me going, I still remember all the competitions we held at the school I went to.
Even today I still play (almost) every pinball game I can get my hands on.

+1 for the giveaway :)
I'd like to have a chance at Long Live The Queen.
Why? First of all, the backlash the release got mere minutes after it was posted, first piqued my interest; I hadn't heard of the game beforehand. Even when people didn't even know what it was, they came to a conclusion that it's a game for perverts and pedophiles because there were tentacles in one screenshot, talks about affairs among an adult and a 14-year old in another (they were talking about BUSINESS affairs), and because the game looks Japanese. I'll admit, I too thought at first that it's a game that's probably not my style, but I decided to watch the GOG trailer anyway and found out that the gameplay looked really really interesting. The ways the princess can be evolved are numerous! It looks like there's going to be some very funny humor in there too. And finally, I checked some of the reviews the game has gotten and since lots of sites have praised the game, I became convinced that this is a game I should definitely try!
Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway!

I am in for SWAT 3.

It is a masterpiece. Finally a FPS game in wich you use your brain more than your reflexes. The uncompared realism is what many other FPS games need. Even the multiplayer experience is awesome, since you really feel to be part of a squad: as far as I know, many users use to play it online nowadays. Last but not least, there are a lot of mods which guarantee a neverending gaming experience.
Before anything else, thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on that third star.

I humbly submit a request for Unepic.

Firstly, its an RPG, my favourite genre.

But then, its not just an RPG, it has platforms and exploration. No, wait, I suck at platform jumping. Hmm, but I love trying to to get good at all the jumpy bits, from Paper Mario to Super Panda Adventures, I just have to play and practice and die again and again.

I look at those graphics in the video and I start thinking about the old Metroid type games that I always played, was never any good at but hell, did I love playing them.

So in summary, the game has been on my wishlist since release. Its full ( for me) of RPG stats and platforms and horribly frustrating deaths.

RPG, death, platforms, death, exploration, death. I ask you, what could possibly go wrong !
Congrats on the third star Charon121. Count me in for The Temple of Elemental Evil.

I have been told that it is a great game despite the numerous bugs and technical issues. I have not played a DND game that manages to faithfully represent, and capture the feel of pnp combat. Therefore I'd like give this game a spin and hopefully experience it firsthand. That is of course if I don't fail at patching and bugfixing the game first..

Thanks for the chance!