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high rated
Status: CLOSED

Just spreading some GOG love.

Prize: Thief 3

To enter answer a question: Why do you love GOG? (if you do)

Length: 1 Day

Choosing winner:

WINNER - dovahcore
Post edited December 13, 2012 by Aningan
I love GOG because:

-DRM free games
-Extra goodies
-Fair prices
-They regularly answer my questions on the forums and previously answered in a video on their youtube channel
-The forums looks slick and nice (no signiature bullshit and very small avatars, both points are awesome)
-Neat community and regular giveaways from nice people (I even wrote a poem for Xyem in another giveaway thread)

First things that come to my mind...

Thanks a lot, hope I get lucky and best of luck to all other entrants!
Post edited December 12, 2012 by Roman5
I love GOG because they bring me my daily kick without DRM crap and I feel GOG is here to stay. So I'm not afraid of losing the games I purchased, and even if I did. I can just use my local copies.

Additionally, has the best public community I have ever seen. Normally I don't post on public forums and try to avoid reading them because it hurts my brain. But none of that here.

And then there's people like you. Who generously give away gifts for a number of reason, but add to that great community feeling I want to be part of.

Thanks for the giveaway Aningan. I'll gladly enter =)
in for:
Thief 3

To enter answer a question: Why do you love GOG? (if you do)

i do, simple 100% DRM-free.
No combing through trying to figure out if its injected with DRM, no some of it is good, across the board no BS.

thanks for hosting a giveaway!
Not in, but thanks for giveaway. +1

And I love GOG cause there is amazing community.
I love GOG because of their technological innovations, such as the Gogbook.
I love yo...GoG for these kind of giveaways :-))
Thanks for the giveaway.

I love GOG for

giving old games a new lease of life

no DRM
- a large catalog full of good old games
- GOG seems to treat their customers with respect
-Reasonable prices
-They make old games work on my new PC
-Staff being involved with the community
Great games + no DRM + good service = <3

Thanks for the giveaway!
I'm in. Thanks Aningan! Best thing about GOG for me is the outstanding community.

Without you guys, and your generosity I might add, this place would be another web store that sells games. :)
-DRM Free
-Awesome community that is very friendly
-Good services especially with regard to support
-Great prices
- Bonus stuff = more vfm
- Good collection of classics that work on modern systems
Not entering, because I've already played this game, but what I love about GoG is the lack of DRM, the ability to play old games you can't find anywhere else, the bonus features, and giveaways like these.

+1 to you!
I love GOG, because it's "digital distribution done right". No DRM, no third-party nonsense required to play a game you paid for, no hassles. Not to mention the wonderful community.

Thanks for your generosity, Aningan.