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I'm in, thanks Thespian* :)

One time, someone who I have got to know through GOG (from trading with them) gave me Retro City Rampage on here for free. They got both a Steam key and a GOG code but only wanted the Steam key for themselves, and generously gave me the GOG code. Have to say, I loved Retro City Rampage but couldn't beat the final boss.

I'm in for System Shock 2.
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Sending me a PM about this contest was definitely a nice gesture. :-)

I'm in for System Shock 2 - thanks for running this, and thanks to everyone who donated!
Nice giveaway Thespian, I'm in.

One history I remember was entering in a SG giveaway of our group here in GOG for Star Wolves, I didn't winned, but few days later Benderz, who was the creator of the giveaway, asked me if I was interested in the bundle with this game. I thanked and explained I was interested in only one or two games of the bundle and probably another player will have a better use for the bundle than me. He asked what games I were interested and I cited 2 without any commitment. I was genuine surprised when he posted both keys in my chat. Thanks again for the generosity, Benderz

I'm interested only in System Shock 2.
Happy anniversary my friend :D - not entering
Humpy Bumpy!
Remember back when we were awaiting the release of The Witcher 2? I don't think I told anyone, but back then I was actually feeling rather worthless and bad about myself. Anyway, Skystrider announced that he was going to make a huge giveaway - buying copies of TW2 and other games for many people starting from the day TW2 was released. But he also said that would give xyem and myself prizes without us even having to enter, as a way of saying thanks for GogPM. I don't really know how to express how grateful I felt. It wasn't just about receiving awesome games (which I was excited about - heh, I didn't even have a backlog back then) but also to be singled out like that by someone I had never even met at a time that just happened to be when I felt like I didn't matter at all - well, that really made an impact.

I'd like to enter for System Shock 2, if possible. Thanks for doing this.
Authoring BUMP!
You've brought a smile to many a persons face this past year
Thank you

Happy GOG anniversary Thespian*
Nightcrawler BUMP!
In for "The Real Texas" (GOG)!
Congrats for first anniversarry and +rep!

Best thing I´ve experienced in this forums was...
firedrake62´s gifting of a whole humble bundle AND a five games-gog-bundle!
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Awkward BUMP.
Thespian*: Authoring BUMP!
Right Mr Spock, please tell me how do you keep track of everything?
I think this is the longest giveaway I have seen.

Bows in humble appreciation.
Moonbeam: Right Mr Spock, please tell me how do you keep track of everything?
Well, I'm half-Vulcan. I suppose that helps. :D

Moonbeam: I think this is the longest giveaway I have seen.
Actually, Arusaku's contest, one of the two huge SS2 giveaways I mentioned in the OP, was even longest. ;)
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