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assassin33: I remember liking RLH: Run Like Hell on Xbox when a lot of critics tore it to shreds.
I enjoyed that too. The product placement and "featured song" were a bit jarring, like a ham-handed way of doing what every Hollywood blockbuster does (also usually ham-handed). But the gameplay was fine.
RayRay13000: -Zelda 2
The side-scrolling one? I had totally forgotten that I own that. It is a terrible, terrible game.
Deadly Premonition no doubt.
Daedalus1138: Alone in the Dark (2008). At best this game was widely considered mediocre, but I love it. Granted, I can see quite a few of the problems with it, but I just don't care. The gameplay is unique and the story is interesting. The ending kind of stinks, but the rest of the game is still fun.
I haven't played it myself, but people say that the PS3 version is the definitive version of Alone in the Dark. It looks like they have improved the game a lot based on all the feedback.
Fictionvision: I've seen quite a few people online say Sonic CD is the worst Sonic game where as it is my favorite by a good margin.
Really? I've always thought that it was universally accepted that Sonic CD is indeed the best Sonic game.

Some of the worst games that i loved were Bloodrayne 2, Coded Arms, Sonic 06, the Army Men series, Untold Legends, Fusion Frenzy, Nightcaster, Dead to Rights, Triggerman, Batman Vengeance, Second Sight, Medal of Honor (2010), Syndicate (2012), Haze and DN Forever.
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Has to be my Amiga games - Myth history in the making, Hired guns and Motorhead ( the lemmy one )
Mediocre reviews at best for them 3 but i played them to death
Back on the 'can't make an FPS I won't play' tip, I was genuinely surprised when I found out that Blood 2 is considered bad, especially when people generally think Shogo is OK - they seem like the same game with different graphical presentation to me, never played the first one though

Also a lot of people seem to want Teen Agent gone from their shelves but I thought it was a fun and charming little adventure, much better than a lot of the crap Sierra spewed out over the years, anyway!