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timppu: The way they mix English and Finnish like that in a game title makes it sound like a joke, a parody or something. But apparently they were fully serious with that game? Is "Teräs Käsi" some real part of the Star Wars lore, beyond just this one game?
I'm not entirely sure if it's been expanded upon outside the game, but Teräs Käsi was definitely mentioned in a Star Wars encyclopedia I checked out at a book store when I was a kid. Either it was a very inclusive encyclopedia or the reality is far worse than we would like.
Novotnus: Cheesy, needlessly gory, nonsencial, illogical, sickening... Phantasmagoria 2 is my pick!
Hey, mine too! I I still have my multi-disc edition at home :). I liked highly unusual settings and themes... and well, Therese knowing what kind of kinks she wants helped too, I guess.
Everyone seems to think it's a pretty passable game, but I really enjoyed Ultimate Spider-Man (the GameCube version).

Other than that, all the games I've played, even those that have been poorly received at their time, are now considered "cult classics" -- or just plain classics.

My list would be bigger if this was about "games you should have loved but for some reason couldn't". Hahaha!
megarock58: When is about 7 or 8 i liked playing Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi.
i still play it sometimes.

I recall hearing that game title before... and what was the big idea by LucasArts with that? Maybe they had some Finnish team member who got to decide the name for the game, as "Teräs Käsi" is Finnish for "Steel Hand".

The way they mix English and Finnish like that in a game title makes it sound like a joke, a parody or something. But apparently they were fully serious with that game? Is "Teräs Käsi" some real part of the Star Wars lore, beyond just this one game?

JinseiNGC224: Gamespot in general, especially these days, is very questionable in their reviewing of many games, console based or PC. Their main attention is ofcourse AAA games. For a mainstream approach, that makes sense; review what the market wants the most; the most visually pleasing games in most cases at the time of review, or the most innovative.
timppu: In this case, the reviewer apparently hated Age of Empires, because he was expecting it to be a Civilization clone, not "Warcraft with togas". So apparently he was still reviewing it as a Civ clone, not a resource-gathering RTS that it really was.

I used to like reading the annual "Best Games Of The Year" or similar from GameSpot. They gave me lots of tips which gems (some unknown) to look for on retail game shelves. That's mainly how I ended with all the rare classics that are also constantly requested in GOG wishlists.
I had played Warcraft and Wacraft II before I even touched Age of Empires. I ended up enjoying Age of Empires more. I loved the setting, the music, and the historic aspects, even if it wasn't accurate. I lost count as to how many hours I played that game, with and without the Rise of Rome expansion. Blizzard tends to just rehash what's already there, not create new types of games. The reason as to why Blizzard got so popular for a while was it's ability to present existing content with a well crafted package, often at the expense of being original (there really was nothing original about World of Warcraft, it was just user friendly and attractive enough to bring in millions of people).

Man what I wouldn't do to play Age of Empires again :D I should try and get my collectors edition disc working. It had AOE and AOE2.

Speaking of, the free content for Age of Empires 2 Forgotten Empires has come out. It's only available for the original, not the HD game.
Lethal Tender, an FPS which was dated by the time it arrived, but had some very interesting game mechanics.
And Boiling Point, aka Xenus, another FPS which is terribly buggy and filled with odd game design decisions, but the sandbox gameplay could still be enjoyable if you were patient. It took me 6 or so tries to get into the game, but by then I had figured out all the mechanics of the game and how to avoid or resolve the most serious bugs.
I still play and enjoy both games, but their problems will keep them from ever showing up on GOG. :)
Bible Adventures - well, not the whole package, just the Noah sections.

Wisdom Tree normally just gets credit for Spiritual Warfare when it comes to talking about half-decent games, but for some reason everyone always forgets Exodus and Joshua, the company's Crystal Mines/Boulder Dash clones that weren't just decent but actually good (with Bible trivia shoved in to justify their shaky premise). Misled by what we didn't know was little more than a burp of high quality, we picked up Bible Adventures and got a little more used to it than most people bother. The Moses and David sections are wastes of time but the Noah section is actually clever in its reuse of the same arena in each level. Reusing a stage for the entire game pretty much died with the 2600 until it was revived by Flash gaming, but Noah forced you to re-explore the same stage and discover its secrets one by one until you learned just how complex a place it actually was, and I still admire it for that.

Plus, what other games let you throw a baby into a raging river, like, whenever you want?

I also like a Game Boy game called Torpedo Range that's been completely forgotten. The game was also a mix of different gameplay styles depending on what kind of ship you were attacking with your sub, this time tied together by an upgrade system that pretty much ruined the game. Still, the mix of styles and the way they varied further every level of difficulty made it an acceptable product, with a somewhat catchy soundtrack that brings me back to it more than it deserves.
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Black Ops & Black Ops 2
We all know the hate CoD gets from the gaming public, but I actually liked these 2. Black Ops was my first ever CoD, loved it. Was really excited for Black Ops 2. Didn't get much time to play it unfortunately, because I loved it too.
Two Worlds - once I got used to the goofiness of the dialogue and the controls, it became one of my favorites.
I have a few:

-Final Fantasy X and XIII
-Black Ops Zombies
-Fiesta Online
-Zelda 2
If I would have to choose one game only... I guess I would go for Mortyr 2093-1944. It was next to Quake 2 one of the first FPS I played as a kid and I don't know in retrospective it wasn't really a great game story or gameplay wise, your natural FPS run around kill stuff go into future kill more stuff etc. I still loved it. I still remember the beginning of the game where just stood there with the mirror-ish floor, just mind blowing for me at the time.
On-topic: I take the subject to mean a game that others hated or it got bad reviews, but you enjoyed?

I guess the PC versions of both Halo and Halo 2 qualify. If I trusted all the complaints that are online, especially Halo 2, or at least its PC version, is a disgrace that no one should be allowed to see nor play, even if they wanted to.

Yet, I found both pretty nice, and Halo 2 PC is definitely superior to the XBox original. Ok I admit playing through the copy-paste corridor levels in one part of the first Halo where the similar corridors and rooms just kept coming and coming and coming (lots of "Wait a minute, haven't I been here before, a couple times at least?"-deja vu moments)... but to offset that, there were also impressive areas that made me "wow", kinda.

And I liked how they had implemented the driving in those games with mouse/kb-controls, it worked quite well for its purpose. Also the way you could also sometimes fool the game by smuggling some driving or flying vehicle to an area where it was not supposed to be possible, so you could visit areas with the vehicles which you were not supposed to reach yet, or fight hordes of enemies with your mounted guns when you were supposed to rely on your personal weapons... it made it sometimes feel almost like a sandbox game with lots of things to try out, even if it didn't mean to.

I guess the same applies to quite many other console-to-PC ports, like GTA3, GTA: Vice City etc. Many people seem to feel very negatively of the PC ports, yet I think they are quite fine. Both GTA3 and GTA: Vice City had some minor compatibility problems with Win7 and Win8 though (but then, isn't that quite normal for games which were originally ported to Win9x? At least there are working workarounds for those issues.):

- I had the problem with GTA3 in Windows 8 that menu texts were not visible (no problem in Win7). But for some reason pressing Print Screen button repeatedly brings them visible?

- With GTA: Vice City in Windows 7/8, I think the mouse controls were not working at first. But googling for it found out that it is a well-known problem with an easy workaround, so I got the mouseaim work fine.

Oh yeah, sometimes I also think I should probably feel ashamed for liking plain vanilla RTS games (you know, Starcraft, Age of Empires etc.) as I recall them always getting quite a lot of hate, as in "there are too many of them!" and "they are not real strategy games, just click-click-click!". But maybe those complaints were mainly back when some PC game companies were indeed shelling out similar C&C copycats over and over again. But then, they were also making lots of Doom and Quake clones, and I don't recall similar complaints?

Funny thing though, even if I generally like RTS games, for some reason I never really liked the actual C&C games. Not sure why, I just found them boring and cheesy. I always preferred the "clones".
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Binary Domain!
I remember liking RLH: Run Like Hell on Xbox when a lot of critics tore it to shreds.
Mivas: Hey, mine too! I I still have my multi-disc edition at home :). I liked highly unusual settings and themes... and well, Therese knowing what kind of kinks she wants helped too, I guess.
I still have Phantasmagoria 1 on seven CDs (but the CD case with manual was lost in time... and I'm not sure all those CDs still work :).
My Phantasmagoria 2 - I guess my sister has it now. Not that she's aware she has it, it's juts somewhere at her place :)
Infinite Space on the DS. This is weird cos I love and hate it. It got average enough reviews but the thing is that I hated so many things about it and yet I think my save file was between 80-100 hours. Some seriously bloody daft design decisions in that game and I don't think they are going to make a sequel to improve on an otherwise good game. :(
Recsam511: Binary Domain!
I really must give that one another play-through. A good game but I really wish they had done more unique world building rather than focusing on going for the Gears of War market. :/
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