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Some games we play and love, even if they are generally rated as "bad" games. What game(s) did you play, and love, or in the very least really enjoy, that many other people said sucked?

This isn't so much about hidden gems of games that no one heard of but were still really good. This is about games that ended up getting 5.0 ratings or maybe even lower by editors, and either slightly higher or lower by gamers (speaking of which, I find many games, not all though, are greatly influenced by game reviews and tend to pre-judge a game based on what someone else perceives as bad). But sometimes a game is simply controversial, perhaps because of religious aspects that question western (or eastern) beliefs, or something in it was overly offensive (perhaps sexually), or it was simply hyped up so much it couldn't fill the requirements upon launch. Sometimes, in rare cases, editors give good reviews, and gamers then say a game sucks.

This could be any game, any platform, and from any era.

My fiance loved Final Fantasy X-2, but a lot of people didn't like it. Perhaps because it seemed more feminine of a game in a masculine ran market, something that's been changing a bit lately (if only a bit).

I remember some old nintendo games that no one else would touch, but I would salivate over. I've always had a thing for history, and perhaps the most forgotten, underrated Mario game of all time was Mario's Time Machine. I couldn't get enough of that game, for whatever god unknown reason, but I know no one else cared for it in the least. When it comes to games with historical aspects I suck them up like candy. I can't get enough, no matter how good or bad it is. Granted, when Mario's Time Machine came out (1993), I was only 10 years old, so it was easy for me to get into it. It was perhaps one of the most educational of Mario games, if not most of all games in that era (on consoles at least).

A fighting game on N64, Dark Rift, captivated my attention to no end, as well as both of my brothers. We played it non-stop on rental, and even renewed the rental once or twice. We must've mastered every mode and difficulty, details of which I forget. That game was rated 5.4 on average (mediocre). My friends at the time couldn't understand why I liked it, as they only raved about Street Fighter and Samurai Shodown, but I still loved it.

As I'm writing this I've realized that a lot of the "not so good" games I played and enjoyed were in the 90's, and before I had internet to read endless amounts of reviews and shop before I bought, or even rented. Perhaps I've been more influenced on buying decisions than I realized, but after joining GOG, I've played many games that many young gamers and only AAA gamers would consider terrible, solely on graphics, but also on mechanics. Much of my history was on consoles. My PC life has unfortunately seen more MMO's than anything, so my PC experience has been limited before GOG. I'll think more about that though. MMO's to me is it's category of games, to be judged separately (I can't buy them on ebay 20 years from now and have it necessarily work).

Oh yeah...and here's a Blade of Darkness code :D

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Thanks for the gift, +1 for you.

Well, I guess Daikatana seems to not be like by many but I loved the fact I always had a soul sucking sword in a time traveling game.
One I remember is Altered Beast... we loved that game, but probably because it was one of the few we had at that time (used to come bundled with the Mega Drive ;p) ...

And BoD is an amazing game...
+1, didn't redeem.

There's tons of games I love that many other people hate . Postal 2, Bloodrayne, but most of those have some level of cult following.

One game that fits your description would be Besieger. I really liked that game, but I've met very few people that ever heard of it, and those who did hate it ...
The original AOE got pretty shitty reviews, I don't know about 5 and below but it certainly didn't thrill any of the game mags. I still play that constantly.
Grand Theft Auto 4

Final Fantasy XII

Silent Hill Downpour.

Well the first 2 were disliked by a good majority of the fanbase, and Downpour is sort of mixed.
The Risen games seem to have crazy mixed reviews
I liked Legendary
The new Star Trek game got bad reviews but I think with the patches it is pretty good
Alpha Protocol, although it got unspectacular reviews rather than a complete panning. I think that's about it.
Elmofongo: Grand Theft Auto 4

Final Fantasy XII

Silent Hill Downpour.

Well the first 2 were disliked by a good majority of the fan base, and Downpour is sort of mixed.
I loved Final Fantasy XII! It was a serious time killer and had a lot of options, especially later in the game. I missed the whole overland maps and free roaming airship travel from classic Final Fantasy's, but XII had it's own identity and lots of extra goodies. It was Final Fantasy through and through. Even using the players guide to get a lot of the hunts I couldn't get everything. I think I stopped right near the end and forgot about it, but I meant to back . Now I'll probably just restart a new game since that was way back in 2007.
Battletech: Crescent Hawks Inception.

Thought it was brilliant. Apparently its not.
For me it's probably Two Worlds. I originally played it on Xbox after I picked it up for less than five bucks. It got horrific reviews, the voice acting was laughably bad, and the combat was wonky, but I loved it. It had a great sense of exploration and a massive world with numerous climate zones and different elevations. I loved it and probably put in fifty hours. Enough that I picked it up on GOG for the PC and love it here as well.
tinyE: The original AOE got pretty shitty reviews, I don't know about 5 and below but it certainly didn't thrill any of the game mags. I still play that constantly.
Age of Empires? I LOVED the first one! But I also just bought it and didn't care about reviews. I think I picked it up at Gamestop, though at that time it was EB Games (better in my opinion), and when they sold boxed PC games with a good selection. But Age of Empires took up a lot of my time in the late 90's, before I devoted time to MMO's. If I could rewind time I probably would've opted for more AOE over Everquest. It just feels more memorable to me, and more thought went into it (and no kill stealing!)
htown1980: Battletech: Crescent Hawks Inception.

Thought it was brilliant. Apparently its not.
If it was brilliant to you, it was brilliant enough.
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Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds

Terrible AI, horrible pathfinding, atrocious balancing, bad UI, and outdated graphics (even at the time of release). The music, however, is simply great. It is based on Jeff Wayne's musical after all. The gameplay is also pretty good. Too bad I haven't played in over a decade. I just can't get it run on either Win XP or 7.
Did many people like Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries? I played the heck out of that game, and it's the only mechwarrior game that I really got into (it's the only one I owned). I must've played through it time and again and played every possible mission. I always reloaded the game if one of my favorite pilots got blown up.

If only that game could be added here, how happy I would be.
If you loved it, it wasn't that bad to begin with.

I know it isn't a bad game, but as a kid most of my friends got the free Dragon Warrior cart for subscribing to Nintendo Power, and they all hated it bad. One gave me the cart and I thought the game was great even if it did kick my ass.

I remember lots of LJN games getting bad reviews, and I had fun playing them. Especially the WWF games.

I've seen quite a few people online say Sonic CD is the worst Sonic game where as it is my favorite by a good margin.

Not exactly games, but I've always had a soft spot for lesser known consoles. I loved me some TG16/PC Engine and Neo Geo Pocket Color back in the day and still do now.