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tburger: Are you certain you've updated files on your server? Total Commander says that installer from 25th and the one I've downloaded few secs ago are identical
Try now?

Not sure what happened there, I might've not linked something...Anyways, please make sure you have setup_wings_classic_2.1.0.2.exe as that's the latest version.
cyboff: any news about Shadowgate's "October" update?
working on it :)
JudasIscariot: working on it :)
cyboff: Nice! Thanks! Can't wait :D
Here you go :)
Ophelium: I suspect Vertical Drop Heroes HD got the Halloween update.
Yes it did :) Post arriving soon :)

Octodad, now available for Llinux! :D
Telika: So, what's with my library notification (1) which leads to nothing in particular (no "new", no updated game numbers)...?
Do you have any of the games I just listed in the last few posts?
tinyE: Okay Judas, I just asked you about this in the other thread and now I'm confused. So the VDH update is just temporary? I was kind of joking when I asked that originally but you just told me it ends after the promo.
The Halloween update will remain but the later version will simply default to the vanilla Vertical Drop Heroes content rather than the Halloween content you'd see now by default if you fire up the game :)
Race the Sun is now available for Linux!

MIK0: Could you do something like that for the italian version of Fate of Atlantis?
PM me?
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Depths of Peril is now available for Linux :)
Tannath: I'm not seing an update flag on my library...
Should be coming up shortly :)
DukeNukemForever: Do you mean the good ol' Age of Wonders from 1999 or maybe Age of Wonders 3? I believe there is a fanpatch for the first Age of Wonders, but it version number was around 1.5 or something (not really sure about it).
Age of Wonders 3 :)
JudasIscariot: Age of Wonders 3 :)
DukeNukemForever: Phew, I was kind of irritated and checked the Triumph webpag. .Or did GOG starts to patch old games multiplayer-ability to have something special for Galaxy ;-)
Nah, I forgot to clarify in the the thread title :) Anyways, I edited the thread title (but not the UR ;/) and the OP in that thread so there should be no confusion :)

Also, Icewind Dale Enhanced Edtion is available for Linux now :)
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