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mrkgnao: [No flag. Not clear what the change to "Pools of Darkness" was.]
PoD installer had some wrong icons for 'Launch' and uninstall files.
mrkgnao: From MaGog's logs for 26 August:

NOTE! CHANGED Quake: The Offering, file_size: 372 MB ***TO*** 1.1 GB

[Probably a GOG game page bug fix]
No. Ripped tracks had to be removed and replaced with disk images for DOSbox audio playback due to legal reasons.
Stickied for graet justice :P
HypersomniacLive: Long Live the Queen got an update. From the changelog:

Patch 1.3.22 (09.01.2015)

- minor fixes for Mac version
Do a refresh :) There is another changelog under that one that was added today :)

Changelog for version 1.5 / GOG-8 (added 01.09.2015):

Patch 1.5:
- This is an official update from GamesFarm, the developer of Heretic Kingdoms.
- The version number of the game has not changed.
- For non-Galaxy users: all of the supported languages are now in one installer.
- Fixed problems with Windows Xp 32-bit.
- Resolved one crash.
Klumpen0815: Yes! I wish this would be the case for every game around here.
Really? We figured people would appreciate the separate language versions since that means they wouldn't have to download data they don't need :)
JudasIscariot: Really? We figured people would appreciate the separate language versions since that means they wouldn't have to download data they don't need :)
DoctorGOGgles: For those of us who like to backup all the games we own on GOG it is nice to download everything in one go and most of the time the installers with all languages combined are much smaller than separate installers for every language.

+1 from me for all-in-one installers :)
Yes, well, I hope you think about how large some games can get when you stuff all of the available languages into one installer :)

By the way, why are you backing up data that you may not need? Not saying that you don't speak all of the languages in a given game or that you shouldn't download it as it's your bandwidth but I am curious as to why you'd download everything besides that what you need :)
Jagger2k7: Ziggurat has been updated:

Patch #12 04.09.2015

New content:
- Daily challenge: On this mode, you'll face a new challenge each day, with the same starting conditions and dungeons for everyone. You'll only get a single attempt each day, so be careful! (Windows + Mac)
- New boss: Brunilda, Carrot Princess, is a new boss that can appear on Floor 4.
- New enemies: Yellow Chili and Green Pepper.
- New playable characters: Carina (female Apprentice), Loki (Vagabond), Glyndor (Battlemage), Agnes (Witch), Leto (Cleric)
- 10 New perks
- New combat modifiers and divine rewards.
- New room layouts
- New room goal: On Scavenge rooms you need to pick up magic crystals while avoiding incoming fire.
- Added Brazilian Portuguese language

Improvements and fixes:
- You can switch weapons when they reach half their cooldown time.
- Fixed minor exploit with the sprint function
- Fixed default FOV being too low
- Fixed a minor weapon switch bug
- Fixed damage source direction being wrong
- Balancing: Nerfed Bone Summoners a bit.
Achievements should now be visible as well :)