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RadonGOG: Hey, a new update for DivOriginalSin!
Will it become the next Dragonsphere? :D
I can ask to have it be the next Dragonsphere :P I am sure all of you would be real happy if that happened :P
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HypersomniacLive: Since mrkgnao mentioned Blackguards, I'd like to point out to any GOG staffers reading this thread, that GOG's systems of game shelf and updates are in desperate need of improvement. Due to an adventurous purchase of Blackguards: Untold Legends DLC as a gift, a virtual copy of Blackguards Special Edition was attached to my game shelf - it's not really on my game shelf, it just shows as if I had it.
It's bad enough that GOG's system has this shortcoming, it's highly illogical and annoying to receive update notifications for games that I don't actually own - I mean what's the point to be notified of updates to content that I can't download anyway?

I sure hope that fixing this sort of issues is of high priority in the site-wide overhaul - are you listening GOG? ;-)
It's a lot easier to hear this kind of thing if with the "feedback" drop down menu item selected is used :)
JudasIscariot: It's a lot easier to hear this kind of thing if with the "feedback" drop down menu item selected is used :)
HypersomniacLive: I've been there, all I can say is that I'd rather not post what the initial reply I got was. ;-)
Well, I don't know what happened when you went there but all I know is that it's better to have all the feedback collected in one place rather than have the feedback scattered around the site :)
RE: Blackguards and the patch.

The reason it takes that long is because about 90% of the game's files have been changed. I am no expert on programming and patching but if you have a game weighing in at approximately 20 GB after installing, it's going to take a while to patch it if a majority of its files were altered.