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JudasIscariot: I don't get it either...must be some dark Mac magic or something :P
HypersomniacLive: Haha, quite possibly.

On a side note - I've got a notification flag stuck in my account tab for the past 20-25 minutes, but nth shows as updated. That's after I had to clear the one for this update twice. Did you flag a game, and it's just taking its sweet time to show, or is this some remnant of the above mentioned dark magic?
Well...I did flag the individual installers for the Mac version of Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga so that could be the flag that's still kind of haunting you :)
mrkgnao: It was for X3: Terran War Pack only. But that is the game you quoted (here). Did you mean to quote X3: Reunion?
vv221: Oh, I actually quoted the wrong game…
You’re right, I was writing about X3: Reunion.
X3: Reunion was simply a consolidation of all the languages into one .sh file, nothing more :)