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Grargar: Guild 2: Renaissance has finally been updated! Better late than never, I guess.


Patch 4.211 (02.10.2015)
Fixed Bugs:
The new feature "Frequency of Councilmeetings" didn't work properly
AI didn't have to respect cooldowns during the measures "Press Protection Money" and "Offer Building Protection"
Fixed a Bug in the Voodoo-Doll-Script
Some measures couldn't be used because some targets like buildings were "too young"
During trials the evidence now correctly expires if the accuser doesn't appear
The AI of taverns and divehouses didn't work properly because of the "Versengold"-measure
Like in 4.2 now only the applicant can use measures during the council session.
Thesis papers had a much higher range if you used it via cutscene
Fixed a small bug with the mine guards
Fixed a small bug with the royal guards. These guards also will now not attack you if you are the king.
As a workaround stonemasoners will now gather more Stone Blocks at once (but need more time for that). This way it's less likely that they will run between your workshop and the quarry before their inventory is filled.
Characters who have been banished now will leave buildings when their time runs out, so that the guards can do their duty.
Male and female characters can do dance shows again
some additional small fixes.
Please double check that changelog :P
JudasIscariot: Please double check that changelog :P
Grargar: Done. That's one hell of a wall of text.
Yes it is :) It's why you saw a portion of it as I was saving it in pieces as I was getting everything pretty for public display :)
mrkgnao: Additionally, the Mac and Linux installers are now also labelled as English+French+Polish+Portuguese+Spanish (were only English). The Mac file did not change, the Linux did.]
There is a changelog now :)

The Mac and Linux files have all of the game's languages in one DMG/shell script. The Windows version has seprate installers for each available language :)
mrkgnao: - Except that the French Windows installer restored is ver. from May 6 2014, while the one lost was ver. from Nov 4 2014
omega64: Anyone know whether Albedo has the last update from about a week ago?
No changelog on gog.
Edit: 2 weeks ago.
It's in the works :)
mrkgnao: From MaGog's logs for 7 October:

NOTE! CHANGED FILE Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga, downloadables, Mac OS X installer, English (baldurs_gate_the_original_saga_2.0.0.2.dmg ***TO*** baldurs_gate_the_original_saga_2.0.0.4.dmg; ***TO*** gog-4; Tue, 29 Sep 2015 12:27:49 GMT ***TO*** Tue, 06 Oct 2015 12:03:43 GMT; 2,027,457,436 ***TO*** 2,051,738,771)
eiii: As there's no changelog entry does that mean the update flag for Baldur's Gate was only for the Mac version?
There is a changelog entry for Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga. I entered the changelog this morning, in fact :) Click "More" then select "Changelog" from the drop down menu :)
eiii: There is a changelog entry for Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga. I entered the changelog this morning, in fact :)

Learn to type the date correctly, please. ;)
It's been fixed and define "correctly" as what's correct for a European is not correct for an American and vice versa. In any case we've picked a format that should be much less ambiguous for both sides :) We'll be changing the dates on the changelogs as we get to them :)

eiii: Learn to type the date correctly, please. ;)
ssokolow: Yes, ISO 8601 international standard. YYYY-MM-DD.

A properly big-endian date with globally unambiguous formatting.
No matter the format, someone will still take umbrage at it :)
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blotunga: Age of Wonders 3 just got a huge update.
You mean a huge changelog? :P
eiii: "07 October 2015" is good enough. :) Thanks!
Good :) That should make everyone happy....even those cranky Euros :P
HypersomniacLive: Got an update flag, saw that there's a new patch for TW3, checked my collection. Nope, it's not for TW3.

Is this miss-match of Game IDs that prevent us from getting update flags considered a bug by GOG'? If yes, is anyone looking into fixing it?
Perhaps you can ask that question in the "what did just break" thread?
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