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Sha la la la BUMP
khnk222: [...]
Haha, awesome!
Although it is more spoken word than singing, but I guess if William Shatner does it, I can't hold it against you. ;)

And good news for you by the way: At the moment, you're in the lead. ;)
Fesin: William Shatner
At least add some music in the background! Learn from the man!
EDIT: It appears we have some technical difficulties. Please remain on your seats, we'll be right back.
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Don't have a mic but +1 for the generosity
Good news, everyone!

Thanks to an anonymous donor there is another 9.99$ for this giveaway, which means that the second place will get a prize too now!

There is also a small update regarding a question I got: Yes, you can use background tracks or play instruments. Just don't forget that the important part is still gonna be the singing.

Anonymous also provided two excellent instrumental versions you can use to either sing to, or just for keeping time:

Now maybe that will bring you to bust out your singing voice. ;)
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Oh, screw it. I'm in.
It's on like Donkey Kong.
I recorded on my cell. I liked the guitar cover, but it has some long pauses, I don't recommend it.!1100&authkey=!AAAvi5Cp5Bj-BIg
Thanks to JMich for the link.

Alternate link (Filehosting) :

EDIT: Almost forgot the obligatory hashtag :
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Not bad, not bad at all. Sound quality is also not too shabby, considering it was recorded on a phone.

So, now that the ice is broken, I expect a flood of entries guys!
Not in (for the sake of you all :D), but thanks and +1 for your generosity and originality, Fesin!
Here's my entry

I'm like, "Who's this guy?!" lol, listening to the playback.

Thanks for the giveaway.
duragon: Here's my entry

I'm like, "Who's this guy?!" lol, listening to the playback.

Thanks for the giveaway.
Keep your day job! :D

I think I will, too. ;)
Double BUMP
Great, now that we have three entries, that means we actually get to have a contest!
Which I just realized means, that I have to figure out a way to pick the winners. Goddammit!