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Thespian*: ... so, to participate, tell me: what activities or tasks ALWAYS will take you longer than expected?
Easy answer - gaming. I think the biggest lie that i have ever said is "i'm gonna play some games for 1 hour tops!" or "i'm gonna finish this quest and i'll go to sleep" :)
The game that i'm after is Legend of Grimrock!
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Thanks for doing this, I'm in!

answer: The longest activity in my everyday time is... to get up from bed :P

I'm in for Legend of Grimrock. Thanks!

First, I'm in for Grimrock.

Finishing games always takes me longer than they should since I kind of drift away from them after a little while (though I usually get back to them eventually). But since I know this, I actually do expect it, so I suppose they don't take me longer than expected ;)

What really does take longer than expected, however, is cooking. I cook almost all the meals for me and my wife, and for some reason, no matter how quick I think it will take, I almost always end up taking at least an hour to get everything done - no idea why.

Thanks again for the giveaway!
Going to the Doctor's office always takes longer for me
Divine Divinity
Legend of Grimrock
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Thanks ISC & Ian!

I'm in for Legend of Grimrock.

When I'm playing, it always take me longer than expected... :D
Cooking. Especially since the wife is out of the town I find that I waste a lot of time trying to cook. I call it waste of time when you cook for 2 hours and eat whatever you cooked in 20 minutes.

Legend of Grimrock if possible.
Well, getting up from bed certainly takes a lot of time! It seems that many GOGers have the same problem too! :)

I'm in for Grimrock. Thank you for the giveaway.
Thanks for the giveaway! I'll join in for Grimrock.

As for what always takes longer than expected...after today I'd have to say locating python bugs, the smaller the bug the longer it takes! Took me ages today only to find I had screwed up the indentation (as usual :p).
Thespian*: ... so, to participate, tell me: what activities or tasks ALWAYS will take you longer than expected?
Disposing of the body. At first you think all it takes is a big knife, a few bin bags and maybe a mop. But trust me, there's much more to it than that.
You have to get proper tools (chainsaw, at least), have a good deal of expertise (if you can get a butcher to do it for you, you're all set, but that's rare) and a lot of time on you hands.
And then there's all the blood. You never get rid of it completely. Just like the guilt, but at least guilt won't stain your carpet.

Legend of Grimrock, please!
To answer the OP question:
It will take me more time to think about the answer of ur question ,then opening a beer :D

But on a serious note ... probably building websites take me more time then expected every time... for Grimrock
Usually mowing the lawn takes longer than I want - if I plan to do something I give myself like 3/4 and hour to mow the lawn, but I always end up later than that. :)

In for Grimrock thanks. :)
Writing a PhD Thesis ,)

Legend of Grimrock would be nice :)
A hot shower during winter always takes longer than it should. So warm...

In for Grimrock :)
projects, housework, gaming and others takes always takes longer than expected

legend of grimrock
not entering ........

scanning this thread for divine divinity entries took waaaaaaaaaaaay longer than i thought :D