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Okay, so first off, sorry for not going as wild and crazy with the giveaway as I did last year (Holy crap, I gave away 60 different things in a thread of about 300 entrants I think), but sadly school has me even busier than before, and I have less money than before. Meanwhile, I've got a fencing tournament to go to over the weekend, so I won't be able to commentate and build up a collection of things to giveaway like last time.

Normally I would have made this 24 days in advance and built up to it like a crazy person, with "24" as the theme to time, posts, rewards, blah blah blah. Again though, I don't have the money or the time right now to do something as special as last time. So, on that note, the giveaway.

I'm using kind of the same rules as last time. The first 24 entrants are put into a single drawing where one person will win a $6 game. Everyone after, plus the 23 that don't win, are put into a second drawing for another $6 game. If you choose something on promotion, even better. But I'll be gone after tonight and back Sunday evening, so that's how that goes. The contest ends Monday on my 24th birthday. Good luck everyone and hopefully I can make it up to you again down the road.

Note edit: Please state if you're in or not since everyone else is doing it. Don't be a free spirit man, be chained to society's rules! And help me not get confused or assume you're in or not in, that way I don't include someone who doesn't want in or leave someone out who wants in. Or decide for you since I'm a jerk like that who doesn't like my own birthday. Don't let me be a jerk! Decide today! Society demands it!

Here's some of the video of my fencing. Sorry there isn't more. I'm fighting in the beginning and for the latter half. It got mixed with footage of a friend of mine who was fighting. I'm on the left side (When the camera is closest to the left), with my arm behind my back. It's the second day so I'm already injured, so I'm not taking much of a proper stance.
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I'm in, I guess :D

On a completely random note, my birthday is on the 24th day of this month. Just to fit the theme, you know.
Entering! You'll get your "Happy birthday" on Monday, not now :D
Happy birthday in advance QC.

Count me in. Thanks QC.
Well, Happy birthday "on Monday" :)

And you can count me in as well, thx ^^
Oh Baby, you and me against the world <3

Happy Birthday QC!

Not in, but thanks and +rep.
Happy Birthday to you :) You're just 2 years older than I am.
Enjoy your birthday QC.
Also, you can count me in ;)
Happy bday! :)
I'm in, thanks!!
edit: Happy birthday!
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park_84: Happy bday! :)
Licurg: Happy Birthday to you :) You're just 2 years older than I am.
Thanks. Is you in though? Just want to be sure since everyone else is stating in or not
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Happy birthday!

I'm in.. Thank you!
I'll play! Thank you for your birthday generosity! :)
I'm in...Groovy! and Happy Birthday.