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Wartath: Here's a traditional Easter dish from Finland, that some love and others hate. It's called Mämmi and it looks pretty disgusting to most people at first.

You have to add milk or cream and sugar to get the most out of it. So next time, when you're visiting Finland, be sure to ask for some mämmi! ;)
timppu: Since in Finland we love food that looks like shit (literally), let's not forget mustamakkara (black sausage), kind of "blood sausage".

While mämmi looks more like dark diarrhea, mustamakkara looks much more like a proper, long firm turd when your stomach is ok. So whichever look you prefer.

Black sausage is best served with cowberry (=puolukka) jam, which has a very tart flavor.
Looks like a kaszanka to me, actually :D

I can eat kaszanka all day , erry day.
JudasIscariot: I can eat kaszanka all day , erry day.
tburger: How do you like it most: cold with mustard on bread, boiled in water, fried with onion ? Also do you eat it with bread or potatoes ? My wife always winces when I want to eat kaszanka with potatores or bread - "How can you eat potatoes with cereal"?
My favorite way to eat them is: grilled with onions and some good bread and some nice Polish ketchup as a dipping sauce :D. I also enjoy them fried on a pan with some potatoes, and my GF doesn't bat an eye if I eat kaszankas with potatoes :D