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Zangtesu: I have to say honestly that i didn't write anything down except the parts of deus ex on txt file in order to be quick to redeem. I had a lot of tabs opened at the time :D
I also think that by trading in the first hours gave me the edge and i was honest and got lucky that rodjazu wanted the soulbringer and he offered a 2 to 1 trade for that code. But i Admit i only chased Deus ex so maybe i had a easier path because of that and because the nnmillar and rodjazu were not interested in deus ex :P
Rodzaju: You got a 2 for 1 on that because it was the last one I needed to redeem the game!
I know :D But I was well aware that you needed that code and I was the only one with the code, since I hadn't traded that part.
Rodzaju: As Wpegg's pic shows, Anachronox, Cryostasis & Soulbringer were my big 3 wishes at the start.
Ultima was just a target of opportunity (sorry Nmillar).
I will never trust you again.

Still, I snagged CowboyBebop's Anachronox code, so at least I came away with something! :)
It is all so quiet all of a sudden, after the flood of PMs. How unusual...
Anyway, I hope no one has a grudge upon me after this game.
My notes were really just an excel spreadsheet with either bits of code, or who had those bits.
If I needed more of a prod than that, I re-read the PM's.

Going through them now might throw up some highlights.

My first pm was sent to everyone in the game:

I have part codes for Thief 1 & Ultima 7.
What do you have?

Around Midnight last night, I promised to give Cryo code to Nmillar....
Totally forgot about that in the heat of the moment!

I had a few blonde moments last night.
I accidentally sent a code meant for Dodo to Titanium!
Mind you, that worked out quite well in the end as Tit then felt obligated to give me a code in return.
So another succesful trade that I may not have been able to make otherwise.
Perhaps I should remember that for next time....

Oh yes, the moment Nmillar realised that Ultima had gone:
"nmillar: Noooo, Ultima 7 is gone. :(
Me: I saw that.
Kinda hoped you'd got it.
It did mean that you wouldn't trade me for the last bit, but at least you'd have it."
I just didn't have hte heart to tell him I'd grabbed it.

Dproject alluded to a misunderstanding earlier.
Here is the exchange:
"ME: Thief 1 part 1 for your anachronox?
DP: Sure, <snipped boring stuff>
DP: One more thing, can you tell me which part is that (the number)?
ME: Thief 1 part 1 for your anachronox?
DP: Copypaste fail? Can you please tell me which number that Thief 1 code is.
ME: Thief 1 PART 1!!!!!!!! for your anachronox?
DP: Yes, we have accomplished that. I will give you the Anachronox part, if you tell me which part of the Thief 1 code, you have, is. 1, 2, 3, or 4? Wpegg mentioned this when he sent the code parts.
To clarify, the complete codes look like this: 1111-2222-3333-4444. The part you have, fits one of those slots. But which slot does it fit? You have Thief 1, part X. I want to know the X. After you provide that, you can have a part of the Anachronox code. Are we clear on this now? :) The code part I have for Anachronox, is part 4.
ME: for the fourth time, it's PART 1
DP: {Hopeless grovelling}"

I was almost caught out when Wpegg announced that Soulbringer had gone because I was in the process of attempting to swap them again!
As I said to him:
"Of course, I have no sense of fair play, just enlightened self interest...."
Haha, yeah, that was pretty embarrassing. It was after midnight and I had just got home from a party. I don't know why I kept reading "part 1" as "Thief, the first part in the series" over and over again before finally getting that Rodzaju was trying to tell me that yes, it's the first part of the code he sent me. It was a pretty bad blonde moment :D
Well I'm pretty sure everyone knows about my strategy and how it backfired :) I did come back and gift Anachronox before I decided to try to get Robin Hood. I told wpegg that I was going to give it 1 last shot to get Robin Hood when I verified a code part and he let me know that somebody had the 4th part and they weren't going to trade it. I was already talking to Asbeau and he told me that he wanted to have a giveaway to give the game to someone who wasn't part of the nasty giveaway. He could have been lying to me but I decided to have faith in him and gave him the part he needed. I think it would have been a bit funny if he had succeeded.

In the end my strategy backfired, Asbeau's strategy backfired, and I gifted Nmillar Anachronox causing others much confusion. Thanks for the fun (albeit nasty) giveaway wpegg and congrats to those who redeemed.
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Thank you to everyone who made this game such fun & to Wpegg for his ridculous generosity.
Yeah thanks to all the participants, indeed. I know no one would call this giveaway "easy", but I also think many would agree it was quite an experience. So good luck to everyone in the future! And thanks to wpegg for the opportunity.
If any one's interested, that game I flashed for trade, The Guild 2: Pirates, is up for grabs in the Ninja giveaway.. The giveaway was... bearly noticed up untill now.