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Not in, but +1
Rushes in : )
I'm in! Need an immortal throne (for my back)

Edit: I'm out. I won a Titan Quest Gold from another giveaway. Thank you very much for the giveaway :)
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kinda prefer Europa for subsurface water
Thanks Ian. Count me in please.
Ooh, coolsville, in!
I'd like to try my luck. Thanks.
Not sure what this "Other DRM" in GamersGate means, but I guess I'm in. In the rare event that I win and later on I find out I cannot get them due to this "Other DRM", I will pass them on to other participant in this thread. I know GamersGate allow us to do that as long as we have not downloaded the games, right?
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I'm in for the Immortal Throne expansion. Thanks again Ian! +1 mate!
Yada BUMP :D
Trying my luck .
Thanks Ian , +1 .
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I'm in as well!! =)