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It's the first Sunday of Advent and I think we need some more Christmas spirit in here. So everybody who changes his/her avatar to something Christmas (or winter) related has the chance to win one of the following games:

Sorry, no games left.

Cities in Motion (GamersGate) - Accatone
Inquisitor (GOG) - Thesian
Legend of Grimrock (GOG) - mxh178
Real Myst (GOG) - keeveek
Robin Hood - Legend of Sherwood (GOG) - Rodzaju
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (Indiegamestand) - uqblf
Carmageddon Max Pack (GOG) - spoderman
Gothic 2 Gold Edition (GOG) - Moonbeam
Divine Divinity (GOG) - 2mauS, jeffgog
Eador: Genesis (GOG) - klaattu
The Nations Gold Edition (GOG) - Air-Trigger
Wyv and Keep + Bonus Smashbox (Indiegamestand) - Braussie

So please change your avatar and tell me which game(s) you are in for (I will probably add more games during the next weeks). Each Sunday in Advent (starting next sunday) the two people whose avatar I like the most (yes, it's completely subjective) will get one of the games.

Have fun and a happy Christmas season!

P.S.: Big thank you to Moonbeam and Aniki for gifting copies of Legend of Grimrock and Cities in Motion. That's the real Christmas spirit!

Edit: New winners and prizes added to the list.
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Legend of Grimrock (GOG)
Post edited December 15, 2012 by Big_Boss
Not in (I like my avatar :P), but thanks for your generosity. +1
EDIT: I'm in for The Nations: Gold Edition now!
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Damn :/ Sorry, not changing my avatar. Shame, I really wanted Gothic 2 :((
PaterAlf: * snip *
+ 1 rep for you
Great giveaway! I changed my avatar to a christmas bunny : ) I'm in for Nations Gold, Carmageddon & Eador: Genesis.

EDIT: Changed my bunny avatar for a skull in christmas spirit!
EDIT 2: After Licurg took my "skull in christmas spirit", I changed my avatar again, this time to my favorite comic strip character, Garfield! Beware, he has a list! :)
EDIT 3: Added Eador to my wishlist!
Post edited December 04, 2012 by Accatone
Not in, but +1 to you.
Really dumb question: where does one find christmas-y avatars?
JaqFrost: Really dumb question: where does one find christmas-y avatars?
Google "Christmas avatars"?
JaqFrost: Really dumb question: where does one find christmas-y avatars?
Search for Christmas in your heart, and you may find that your avatar is already christmas-y!
Not entering the compo (like my elf self too much) but thanks for compo and +1 rep from me.
There, I got some... lights.... and a star and stuff. Now It absolutely reeks of christmas spirit. I'm so happy.

I'm in for Carmageddon. Thanks.
JaqFrost: Really dumb question: where does one find christmas-y avatars?
It's real easy just look for a xmas image and make sure it looks ok at 100x100 then it'll work

(Carmageddon Max Pack)
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Im in for Divine Divinity.