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My vote goes to Carmageddon or Eador.

Post edited December 05, 2012 by Rodzaju
not in but i haz mastered MS paint \o/
thanks to OP for the giveaway, I'm not entering since I already own all the games in that list but good luck to everyone!
Thanks and +1 for your generosity, PaterAlf!

Also, a little promotion in the giveaways' directory:

Count me in for any of the GOG games except Divine Divinity, but specially for Gothic 2. ;)
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In for Gothic 2 and Carmageddon..

Fun idea! My mad MSPAINT.EXE skillz have been put to use.

In for anything except Carmageddon,

Thanks for the contest, PaterAlf!
Eador: Genesis has been added to the list of prizes. Feel free to sign up for it.
PaterAlf: snip
Edited my entry post.
Not in, I just updated my avatar, and I'm not feeling the "Christmas Spirit" yet... (:P)

+1 for the giveaway ;)
Eador: Genesis

Thanks for contest :)
In for Gothic 2
I'm in for Carmageddon or Gothic 2. Hopefully my avatar is good enough.. my MS paint skills are terrible lol.
In for Eador: Genesis (GOG)!

It's worth a shot.