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Eh, why not.

In for Inquisitor.
PaterAlf: snip
Thanks a ton, PaterAlf! You made my day! I am hoping to be able to play it in a little bit! So excited! Thanks again!
Not in, but joining in the Christmas Avatar spirit
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Not in, but +1 (and bumping to counter the spam bot, giveaway threads yes, spam no)
PaterAlf: We have the third Sunday in Advent, week two of the giveaway is over and here are the winners:

jeffgog - Divine Divinity

This is awesome! Thanks a million!

And thanks to all you GOG-ers for making these forums such a great place to hang out.

Merry Christmas!
For week three, I'm in for..
1. Legend of Grimrock
2. Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood

Thank you!
Congrats to the winners :)

I want to reinforce that I'm solely interested in Robin Hood now.
Congrats to the new winners and thanks again, PaterAlf!

Count me in (in this order) for:
- Inquisitor (GOG)
- Robin Hood - Legend of Sherwood (GOG)
I'm in for Inquisitor (GOG). If not possible then Robin Hood - Legend of Sherwood (GOG).

Danke :)
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I'm in for RealMyst (really would like that one!) and Legend of Grimrock.

Is there really no one who wants Cities in Motion?
In for:
1. Inquisitor
2. Real Myst
3. Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood

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I'm in for:

1. Real Myst
2. Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood

Another bump...