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Hey, I read a post on the boards somewhere where a GOGer posted a link to a site how to turn an image into an Icon.
I do not know who it is, so I cannot properly give them credit.
I thought this might be a good place to post images, screen shots, and the like that others might like to convert into Icons using the website.
Convert Icon Site
Just use the address when you click to view the picture at the conversion site.
I am not sure of the legality of this so I will let the people of GOG determine that! :o)
I will start off with Fallout and the recent image that is up on the GOG site.
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I'm guessing it was one of mine. I've posted a couple of them in the various game forums.
Rocketdock + GoG covers = Nice.
Well, since the thread is here, I suppose I could repost the ones from the other forums, and maybe post a few I haven't bothered to post in the game-specific ones.
And because someone commented on it elsewhere, let me state that I did not make any of the artwork myself. All my icons are made with existing artwork. I may have manipulated it a bit, but I am not the originator. In most cases the artwork is taken from the game itself.
That said, here are a few of mine.
bgaeicon.png (471 Kb)
Wishbone, those are nice.
Here are a couple more.