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high rated
I just wanted to say thank you for a great site, great games, and great service.
I especially want to thank you for giving me a FREE game.
To be given a game is a first for me since I started playing games in arcades many years ago.
Thank you very much it is greatly appreciated and I hope your company does better than your wildest dreams. :o)
I love you! Please stay around forever and prosper!
Thank you
Thank you for this great site. I want also to thank all those companies that give the rights to publish their old games upgraded for new platforms 'cause it seems that they have time to concentrate only to new games. Especially if the company has "abandoned" a game it's good we have someone who takes the job to upgrade it for new platforms.
I want to thanks not only to but to the entire community of GoG.
Its a pleasure to read forums without whining or trolling. :)
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high rated
Thanks GOG! Not just for all the awesome games, but for treating paying customers like paying customers, and not like pirates.
To be completey DRM free wasn't expected, but is greatly appreciated, and you'll be seeing more business from me because of it.
The site, the forums, the games are all amazing! Thanks very much,! :)
This place rules! :D I'm anxiously waiting for more games to become available.
Seconded, this place is heaven sent. With Fallout 3 coming soon, I never thought I'd get the chance to play the older Fallout games, and being a big fan of Freespace 2 I always feared it'd never get a proper shakedown.
Good to see I'm wrong on both counts!
Yep awsomeness from gog
Thank you, GoG! This is a great service, I'm going to spend a lot of money here... :)
GOG is the best thing that could happen to Good Old Gamers.
Thank You!
GOG is one of the best things to ever happen to PC gaming. It is great to see old games again, and enjoy them back when they were made with a bit more passion than today's games, which are about pushing out cookie cutter games for quick money.
It's so great to play quality, original games once again.
I wont give my thanks until we see atleast one adventure game.
until then im just gonna take the forums here as one adventure
use reply butten with mouse. Use keyboard on text box.
"as you tube your message to the users of GOG you suddenly find a great urge to become one of them fanboi's. You start typing angry messages about how things other people dont like are the only things true on earth.
in this power you suddenly feel you tell a person where he can go.
By doing this an admin bans you from
the end
God job guys. This site is great :)