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not in but thanks a lot for your generosity dude :)
Sweet :), I am in!

“Tesla Effect” will not run on my system, so I would like to be in for some other GOG games instead (TBA if I'm lucky enough to win).

I have a horrid memory, but I’d like to share a couple of gaming experiences I actually *do* remember. They just short ones, both simple impressions where I was totally blown away upon playing a game.

The first is “Pool of Radiance” (SSI). I was amazed by the size of the overland map and the amount of areas to explore, the world seemed so huge.

The second was “Grand Theft Auto 3”. I bought it after enjoying GTA2, and the 3D world and freedom of GTA3 left me totally in awe.

Thanks foxworks :)!
Hey, I've been a member here on GOG since 2010, though never really tried to talk with the community till now.
I've always been wanting to give the Tex Murphy games a try, so this thread has managed to bring me out of the wood work :)

I'm in for Under a Killing Moon.

The most memorable gaming experience that I've had has to be playing Sakura Wars 3 with my two brothers back when I was a freshman in High School. It was the first video game I ever imported, and man, what a crazy trip that game was!
For those that don't know, Sakura Wars is a Japanese dating sim/ turn-based strategy game for the Dreamcast that involves giant robots and cheesy dating elements that would make the state of Wisconsin drool with envy.
Haven never been released outside of Japan, we played it along side a written translation guide that was making it's rounds around the internet at the time. So as you would probably imagine, playing a imported game with a whacked premise, along side your bros and with all the text being read externally on paper, made for the most memorable and insane gaming event that I have ever experienced. Seriously, I doubt I will ever get that into a video game ever again! It was like a long crazy rode trip, only with a video game, that is the best I could possibly describe it.
LentFilms: Hey, I've been a member here on GOG since 2010, though never really tried to talk with the community till now.
I've always been wanting to give the Tex Murphy games a try, so this thread has managed to bring me out of the wood work :)

Welcome to the GOG community and good luck!
Wow. This is awesome foxworks. Thanks.

I'm in for Tesla Effect. Never played the others, I admit, but the series looks interesting.

Memorable gaming experience:

Hmmm....I'm surprised how many are coming to mind.

Certainly The Walking Dead has been full of them but it's gotten the love already.

Realizing that I really wasn't going to get to save both my crew members on Virmire in Mass Effect is up there. That was the moment that I decided to buy the game (I'd rented it from the local Family Video) and I've been hooked on the series and the universe it portrays ever since.
I'm amazed for your extreme generosity, thank you very much!
I'm in!
Although I'm eager as you to play Tesla Effect I think my humble PC can't take it, specially if it will come with 2k resolution... heck! I even can't play Legend of Grimrock properly and I was so hopeful to play it that I buy it full price... so if you don't mind I'll take 1 at 9.99 + 1 at 5.99 ;)

My memorable gaming anecdote:
When I was young I was an arcade player almost exclusively. I only play those games and sometimes, if I had the opportunity, some NES, SNES, PS1 games. Eventually my friends discover Diablo 2 and them invite to play it, but I was very reluctant to do it: it looked so complicated, too difficult and "heavy": first time I felt so intimidated by a videogame.
But one fine day I decided to give it a try and... oh boy! OH BOY!!! How I can explain my feelings when I understand it and enjoy playing it? It was like all time before I only had casual sex and now I was for the very first time in love... truly, deeply, madly in love!!! The characters, the skills, the animations, the mechanics, the history... everything was so wonderful and exciting: Diablo was my first RPG.
Since then, I became a RPG lover and countless games of this style had passed for my hands and been loved and cursed, played and replayed, praised and outraged... so many memories and so many thrilling characters, events and stories left their traces in my mind, my heart and my soul.
I'm in for Tesla Effect!

While it's debatable that it's not a "game", my favorite gaming experience was with the visual novel Ever-17: The Out of Infinity. It really opened my eyes with a unique and fantastic story that really couldn't be told in any other medium.
Since I prefer RPGs to adventure games I am in for Wizardry 6+7 & Wizardry 8.

I spend a lot of time playing Shogun Total War and I recall a particular battle where my two archer units were attacked by a pair of warrior monk units. Warrior monks were perhaps the best units in the game - fast, hard hitting, and the highest morale, they should be able to beat any other infantry so I had low expectations going in. Fortunately for me they are weak against arrows and in this instance I managed to find some high ground and rake them hard enough to rout them before they could close to melee range; they rallied around after running halfway to the edge of the map and came back at me again and again with the same result, and by the time I ran out of arrows simply advancing onto the killing ground and standing amongst the corpses of so many of their comrades was enough to break them and I was able to chase them off the field and win a crushing victory with no casualties where I had expected defeat.
genkicolleen: Yes! Another Walking Dead fan! Incredible storytelling, isn't it? ♥ I can't wait 'til I can get Season 2!
Yes, they managed to deliver a very intense experience storywise. I already got to play the 1st two episodes of Season 2 and can say so far it's just as good as the 1st season. Actually thought the 1st episode of Season 2 was quite powerful! You should definately pick it up when you get the chance ;)
In for Tesla Effect since I can remember playing "Under a killing Moon" all those years ago. Great memories!
In for Tesla Effect.

One memorable moment was when I discovered that the games could actually have an end. I was used to endless games, or games with no proper ending due to its replayability, or games ridiculously long to reach any ending and prove that it was there, so it shocked me when I first got a "The End" screen, a game was telling me that that was all.

Thanks for the giveaway!
Thanks a lot for the chance in this generous giveaway, foxworks!
I'm in for three 5.99 games (I hope its not a problem if I don't choose which titles at this moment).

One of my most memorable game experiences, you say?!
OK, I'm generally a singleplayer gamer, but I'll throw in one multiplayer memory. Looooong time ago, my best friend had C64 and there was this Track&Field game we liked to play. On one particular day he was beating me in every single short discipline and was boasting in my face. The last discipline was 10000m running, which required the most endurance. I convinced myself that I must win at all cost, so I was smacking that joystick like crazy. Pain in my wrist that day was great but the sweet taste of victory was even greater. I even bragged in detail to my mom when I got home. :)
I'm In for Tesla Effect, thank you for this opportunity !

My most memorable game experience ?! It's always on my next game ;)
BranjoHello: Thanks a lot for the chance in this generous giveaway, foxworks!
I'm in for three 5.99 games (I hope its not a problem if I don't choose which titles at this moment).
Not a problem. The winner can choose at the end of the giveaway :)
Thanks, I am in for one.
I still have the original CD's for all of them and the GOG version.
Great game, looking forward to the new Tesla Effect.