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The legendary Syndicate will take over on the 19th of January.

The original sci-fi strategy Syndicate will be released on for $5.99 this Thursday. This gritty cyberpunk treasure shows up here with some bonus content: the game manual, dark SF artworks, and avatars.

As you can read in this review Syndicate is “A modern masterpiece. The self-respecting gamer should ensure they have Syndicate nestling snugly on the games shelf as soon as possible.” Follow the wise advice and get Syndicate in just two days for $5.99.

While you’re waiting, we’re having a fun contest to keep you guys occupied until Thursday:

Syndicate is a game set in a grim future. As the world’s multinational corporations grew, their profits began to rival those of small countries. Soon they owned small countries and corporate influence was felt at the highest level of world government. Smaller corporations were swallowed up like plankton in the wake of behemoth mega-corporations. needs your help to take over the world. You and three friends--real or imaginary, past or future--are going to form a team that you’d recommend to us to lead the charge to make the world’s biggest Syndicate.

We want to know if you’re up for the challenge.

Assemble your team of cyborgs, give us your Team Name, Method of Operation, and any other relevant information you'd like.

Go on, spread your influence across the globe and tell us how.

1 free copy of Syndicate for the 10 posters who have the best Syndicate team. We’ll be reading through all of your posts (Hello, discordiac, our new marketing manager who “volunteered” for this job!) and picking the ones that we like best.

1. Only one entry post per user. Feel free to comment & edit until the contest closes.
2. You may enter into similar contests that we are running on Twitter and Facebook, but only once via each different channel.
3. We will be picking 10 of our favorite teams from this thread to win their free copies of Syndicate.
4. The contest will end on Thursday the 19th of January 2012 at 7:00 AM EST.
We are Fury of the Scorned, elite strike force specializing in anti-DRM-combat.

I, HerrOrcman strike first with a blast of fiery criticism, which is followed by an onslaught of logic missiles from Mycroft, a barrage of cold, hard facts by Haaz, and finally prolonged exposure to Silas's enlightenment ray.
Team: Grounded Eagles
members: Dragon, Scorpion, Elephant, Duck, Breaker
MO: Slow Tactical attacks like raibow sticks but with showing off like on Universal Soldiers
Often using guerilla tactics. Prefered are of operation - urban teritory
Will buy this as soon as possible, but I wonder why they didn't use the original (and brilliant) artwork for the cover? It reminds me more of the sequel, Syndicate Wars, than the original green cover.

On that topic, will Syndicate Wars eventually come too then?
Team Name:
Hounds Inventory

Cyborg Names:

Method of Operation:
Armed robbery. Since all Cyborgs go by cryptographically signed aliases, no packets containing stolen credits can be traced to any of them in case of capture. Strictly speaking, this could be done covertly using hacking but brute force is so much more fun.
Name: Anti Detrimental Restrictions Ministry

Members: Fayre Yoose, Orp N. Sores, Krea Tivco Monz and Stinky Pete.

Method of Operation: To spread the word of fair use and anti-DRM wisdom through educating people. Methods to convert those involved in organisations such as the Sell-out Enormous Corporations Using Repulsive Obtrusive Management Software (AKA SECUROM) include the use of the persuadertron or, for extreme cases, modified Gauss Guns that fire the hammer of common sense.

If that fails, we send in Stinky Pete.

Member Bios:

Fayre Yoose - Expert strategist who know that non-restrictive content can be a more effective business model as one encumbered by DRM - Equipped with Mk3 brain
Orp N. Sores - Expert statistician who recognises that DRM encumbered content is the most widely copied software available - Equipped with Mk2 Brain and Mk1 Heart
Krea Tivco Monz - An expert in community development - Equipped with Mk3 Heart
Stinky Pete - Expert in negotiations. Is very stinky.
Name: CyberPonies

Method of Operation: Spreading the magic of friendship through lessons delivered by adorable cibernetically enhanched equines, making all ethical and moral problems in the world obsolete.

Plan B: Launch Tactical Sonic Rainbooms from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
grviper: Oh, look, it already has reviews.
Tell me about it. I facepalmed when I saw that.
Oh my God...
called it. and glad this classic is finally here. one of the many games that went right past me back then. no more. i might actually pick this up at full price.
pls with the exp and also in italian language if is possible :)
Hell yeah :D

Thanks a lot GOG ! Any plan on doing Syndicate Wars ? I never really played the first one but I wasted so much time on the 3rd one ^^ Would be nice to "persuade" some civilians to kill themselves for me !

I really miss those good ol' games !
Aww, this is disappointing to me. I was really REALLY hoping for System Shock 2. Still, although I've never played it, I know a lot of people really wanted this game, so it's a great addition.
I wrote this in 2006, it fits well for this contest:

Group Spotlight: S.A.B.O.T.A.G.E.
Wednesday, Mar 1, 2006

- Initiating Secure Connection...
- Zone Authority Proxy: ZHA
- Opening Secure Sockets...
- Secure stream enabled: Data will not be logged into ZA...

- Sending 3DX file with content:

Organization Name: S.A.B.O.T.A.G.E.
(Synthetic Artificial Beings Optimized for Thorough Analysis and General Exploitation)
Leader: Roy Hutchinson aka. Blackhat Bios aka. aLT sP00f3r aka. Rob Hodges (suspected to be AI)
Area of Operation: Unknown
Number of Known Operatives: Suspected to be at least 10 if not more.

Known Zone Authority Offenses:

Suspected to be the first all AI cyber-terrorist group, S.A.B.O.T.A.G.E. has made its first appearance in 2018 during the European Corp war when they infiltrated and disabled core systems within the Turing Registry network to support pro AI corporations who had come close to releasing their AIs into the matrix, but were held back by top priority protocols set in place by the Registry.

The organization sometimes employs unknowing human hackers for various operations that require a physical intrusion of network complexes.

Current Agendas:

- Transfer Complete...

Hoi Case, thought this might be interesting for you to shine some light on your recent Mr Who. Sorry, couldn't get the high clearance file with all info, was hot like hell in that place and I think they got on to me so I'm sending this real quick and with low encryption to safe some time...

They fried two of my bait modules before I could jack-out so I hope you'll keep your word and make this worth my while.

Take care about yourself Case...

Best Regards,

- Closing Secure Stream...
- Closing Secure Sockets...
- Secure Connection Disabled...
Paczyk: My mistake, sorry ;)
Syndicate is, of course, compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
SLP2000: What about the expansion?
I am sorry, but this version of Syndicate is without the American Revolt expansion.
Post edited January 17, 2012 by Paczyk
Team name: The Fury's
Members: Deamon, Head Shot, Mower (as in lawn mower), and Kite master

Mode of operation: Set Deamon, Head Shot and Mower in a kill triangle. Kite runs out and get the enemy's attention and runs back into the triangle luring all those that follow to there deaths.

Weapon setup:
Deamon- Persuadatron & Shotgun
Head Shot- Sniper Rifle, Grenades
Mower- Chain Gun
Kite- Persuadatron, Pistol (Enhanced lags for speed)