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Hi guys, I'm looking for an adventure game to play.

I know there are plenty out them wich are good and enjoyable, so I'm asking you where should I start.
From the ones I played, I think the best is Grim Fandango, and very close comes the whole Monkey Island series (apart from the 4, which is in my opinion a little weaker).
I also played The Longest Journey, which was pleasant but not on my top game list, and Beneath a Steel Sky, which falls in the same category.
Most recently I played The Walking Dead, more an interactive comicbook than a game. I enjoyed it anyway.
I was willing to try some other Telltale Games adventure (maybe those new Monkey Island games?), but I would like to take a look even at the indie market, possibly one of those mouse-only-beer-in-the-other-hand game :)

So, please suggest me some good game of this genre
Do you prefer something which has a heavier emphasis on puzzles, like Grim Fandango and TLJ, or something lighter like The Walking Dead?
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Dark Seed

Leave your sanity at the door :)
I think that if I start a game, I want to play a game, not to watch a movie :) so more Grim Fandango style, but if there is something "you absolutely have to play" of the other kind feel free to suggest!
Crosmando: Dark Seed

Leave your sanity at the door :)
Thanks, but I was thinking more of something I would be able to find :P
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From the Indie games, I really enjoyed Resonance...
Bubalo: Hi guys, I'm looking for an adventure game to play.
So, please suggest me some good game of this genre
If you liked the LucasArts adventure games then I'd suggest Broken Sword (if you haven't already played it). It's got a similar charm.

I don't like the ones from Wadjet Eye like Blackwell, Gemini Rue etc I thought they were very poor in comparison and written more like a daytime TV show.

Out of the TellTale games the first and second series of Sam & Max were the best. Haven't played Tales of Monkey Island but I bet it's pretty good too.
If you have no played them yet then here are some adventure games I HIGHLY suggest, which you can find on gog.

Gabriel Knight series - This is an adventure classic. Great mystery games (both serious at times and also with some comedy here and there), Gabriel is a great memorable lead character and the series itself is unique because it spans so many different presentations of the medium, the first one being a classic 2d point and click, the second one featuring a live FMV style adventure game, and the third one being a 3d based adventure game.

Sanitarium - This is without a doubt one of the CREEPIEST games I have ever played, even compared to the "survival horror" genre of games. It has a brilliant creepy atmosphere that will get under your skin. If you like horror themed games you MUST play this.

Still Life - EXCELLENT modern mystery adventure game. A pseudo sequel'ish to the Post Mortem adventure game (which you can also find on here). This is a serious themed murder/mystery game. There's a sequel to it , Still life II, but it's not as good as this one.

Syberia I and II - One of my favorite adventure games, great story, excellent art direction, very memorable game. They are also making a new one in the series. This game had very strong emotions throughout it, one of those games you'll remember a long long time after you've played it. Can't wait for the next one.

Also outside of gog, I'd recommend Gray Matter. It's a newer adventure game from Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight creator) and is quite good, it is also similar in tone/style, a good mystery game but also a good love story.
While they vary in quality, you can't go wrong with any of the Wadjet Eye games available here. My personal favorite still is Gemini Rue.
Gabriel Knight is highly recommended!

LOOM, which you can get on steam, is an absolutely phenomenal experience

Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis (also on Steam) is one of my all time favourites!

You can't go wrong with any of these 3 (actually you need to play all of them)
mistermumbles: While they vary in quality, you can't go wrong with any of the Wadjet Eye games available here. My personal favorite still is Gemini Rue.
Totally agree, this would be my suggestion as well
You can't go wrong with any of the LucasArts adventure titles really. If you loved Grim Fandango and MI they will fit right up your alley. The other suggestions here I can warmly recommend as well. I'd like to add The Dig (Amazingly atmospheric and surreal experience) and The Legend of Kyrandia trilogy (fun point and click high fantasy adventure in a great fictional world).
Yeah LOOM has my favorite puzzle ever in an adventure game (you probably know which one I'm referring tp)
Another +1 for Gabriel Knight!


Broken Sword series
The Last Express
Tex Murphy series
Zork: Grand Inquisitor
Journeyman Project series
I recommend: Maniac Mansion Day of the tentacle.
You should really try the Broken Sword series. I've also heard good things about Deponia, but I haven't played it yet.