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So the goal of this extremely selfish thread is basicly to find a new awesome singleplayer rpg, i will here list most of the rpgs i've played recently enough for them to be remembered (hated and loved)

READ THIS: no need to read all the textbomb, im basicly just writing a short summarization under, the listing is just to hopefuly explain my taste so some really awesome person can potentially suggest the best game ever that somehow through magic have eluded me.

PS: this is about singleplayer rpgs ofc i will detail it more below.

Games i loved/alltimes favouries:
Arcanum, MM6

Games i definetly liked&Enjoyed:
MM7, MM8, Morrowind, Darkstone, Diablo1&2, fallout 1-3+NV, Neverwinter nights 2(with xpansions)

Games I didn't manage to finish (obviusly something was wrong in my eyes with the game) and why:

Nwn1: This game i really wanted to like, but finishing it to the end was just to hard as the combat is just iiiiiiincreeeeedibly boring, but the lore did draw me to it, so i ended up watching my friend play through the rest of the game when i jumped of in chapter 4.

Wizardry8: another game i really wanted to like, to me the game seemed like a better might and magic game at first, but the idea of unit scaling and how it might end up hurting you just causes soo much frustration for me when i try to make the game easier by clearing all mobs... (also the combat here was very slow paced considering you mostly just thought "just attack the damned mobs"
Slow combat is fine if its due to tactical decissions being made in my mind :)

Skyrim: This game has an awesome enviroment(cosmeticly), but it has so many decissions that just dont fit my personal taste, 1 of them is again scaling, another is how little power you have to design your charechters, and im not speaking of the cosmetic stuff im talking about combat etc, for some reason this didn't bother me as much in morrowind.
Should also be mentioned i tend not to prefere the angle of skyrim (typical gears of war etc) I know its in fallout which I do like, but fallout is very much a shooter-rpg is it's different rules :)

Diablo3: The story is just not engaging here at all, i don't know if its the constant "OMG ACHIEVEMENT!" spams of the game or whatever, but getting a feel of being that charechter in that game is basicly impossible, also it has very little class customization, it is basicly just a spamming slugfest and its very short and expects you to play through the story multiple times (back to the first point on the game)

Baldurs gate: I couldn't love this game, i hated how you couldn't continously build on your charechter (i know it's a bit like morrowind in that sense, but as i said previusly morrowind just got away with it...somehow) I also believe i just tried the game way to late in my life, and the mechanics and graphics were so outdated that it was hard to get into at that point (whereas if you try it early, fall in love etc, then coming back to a game tends to be much easier)

Icewind dale: When i tried this game, i realised the mechanics of this game were just NEVER gonna make me really learn to play it, the mechanics combined with the 90s graphics that is, I generally do not consider myself a graphics whore, but getting into really old games can be really hard if its the first time you see it.

Im looking for a Single player RPG with focus on Class customization (stats distrubutation/skills that sort of thing)
Games where you controll an entire party is very much welcome :) as that tends to be the way i lean. And the game basicly cant have unit scaling as that just....ruins it for me.
Sounds like you might enjoy the Avernum/Geneforge serieses, if you can get over the graphics being...suboptimal. The good news is that they contain fairly extensive demos on the developer's site, and are also both on GOG! They're also very long, and there's a lot of each (all packaged together by GOG), so if you do like them there's a lot of playtime available.
Planescape Torment? I don't see it on your list, but I assumed everyone and their grandmother had played it by now lol.

Nox is similar to Diablo 2 and almost (kind of) as good. Definitely worth playing.

And I'd definitely give Baldur's Gate 2 another try. It can be quite hard to get into, but it's really worth it. I've attempted to play it countless times and given up, but very recently I've finally began to enjoy it, and trust me... Best game ever.

Edit: Yes, I'd also highly recommend Avernum. Very good series.

And Arx Fatalis is brilliant.
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Divine Divinity ?

Eschalon ?
Long shot but Fable or KOTOR?
Telika: Eschalon ?

Whole game is turn based (as roguelikes), so it is kinda slow, if you don't mind that. Also, there is a quite big demo so you could try it.
The Fallout series
Divine Divinity has hack&slash combat like Diablo mixed in with a more open-world, more interesting quests and a better character-development system.

If you liked the later MM games, maybe the Avernum games would be a good fit? The Geneforge series is really good too, but closer to Arcanum.

Have you tried Dragon Age: Origins? When it comes to party-based RPGs, it's the best recent one.
Did not really play it, but maybe Underrail.
They may not fit your req's but to step outside the box a little, I would recommend :

Titan Quest
Vamp The Masquerade, either
Freedome Force
I'd like to 2nd KOTOR 1 and while I saw Morrowind & Skyrim on your list I did not see ES3 Oblivion. I just started playing Morrowind and to be honest I like it more than Oblivion but make no mistake, Oblivion is a GREAT game! I would mention its specs, they were a problem for me, but if you've played Skyrim, Oblivion should run smooth as silk.

Also, give Torchlight a run. It's a Diablo clone and a simple one, but I adore it AND it's available on GoG for a great price.
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Noticed you skipped Fallout 2 and Oblivion so maybe try out those.

Try expansions for New Vegas as I was told they're meant to be even better than the main game, you could try Fallout 3's expansion packs either.

For Immersion, have you tried any of Bioware's newer games? Knights of the old republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Try the freeware remake of Quest for Glory II, that game is a point & click affair, but you have RPG stats like strength, magic skill, and so forth that determines the outcome of your actions. It has a conversation engine similar to Wizardry 8, but thankfully the gameplay is simpler and less obtuse.

New Vegas, Vampire Bloodlines, and System Shock 2 may be worth a try for you. They don't have hard-coded classes, as you spend points to upgrade your various abilities. All three are pretty good in my opinion, but you might not like System Shock 2 as the graphics are quite dated.

You may enjoy roguelike games, as success in them is quite dependent on how you develop your character. TOME 4 or Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup are probably the most accessible of the freeware offerings.
How about Dungeon Siege. It's not on GOG (shame shame shame on you GOG) but its pretty cool.

There's also Hellgate London, also not on GOG (ditto shaming from above).

Both games offer leveling skill systems that differ from traditional RPGs.
Keep an eye for Grim Dawn release.

edit: Oh, and definitely try Titan Quest. An you may take a look at Sacred Gold.
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