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How about Legend of Grimrock?
tsgnurk: ...
You seem to like ARPGs as well, so I'm gonna toss in both.

Borderlands 2 (easily the better of both, but you could try Borderlands complete since it can be had for like 5 bucks too)
Torchlight 2 (Torchlight with mods is also good, just not as good)
Titan Quest* + Immortal Throne* expac (get these before there's a problem, THQ was the publisher)
Path of Exile* (online F2P in Open Beta now, pretty stable, no more character wipes, only cosmetic stuff and extra stash tabs for purchase, very good and if you turn off chat you'll only see some other players in the towns)

The Secret World* (this is a MMO, newly without any sub, like Guild Wars you only buy the box, cosmetic only stuff for purchase in the shop, massive amount of non-group content that is uniquely interesting, literally have never seen it in any other game).
Dungeons and Dragons Online (pretty self explanatory)

Traditional RPGs:
Fallout* and Fallout 2 (pretty much "duh" choices since you enjoyed Arcanum)
Fallout 3 and New Vegas* (different style and play style, same feel and theme)
Divine Divinity (I find it "meh" but a lot like it)
Gothic* (you really should play this)
Nox* (most people would call this an ARPG and most people would be wrong - it's also really good, I recommend the pet class)

* Must plays, if you're having trouble selecting, pick these
I am playing Vampires masquerade bloodlines and it is really cool Ive never played a vampire RPG the graphics are just right( with mods) and so far I am loving the world and the vampire powers I like it enough so I have created different characters to try to get just the right vampire for my play style. Played through the tutorial 3 times so far.
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If there's nothing stopping you to go back to those very old classics I'll suggest:
Might and Magic: World of Xeen (4+5)
TES: Daggerfall

About the scaling of Skyrim and Oblivion: I believe there are a lot of mods out there giving you a more smooth scaling experience, or almost eliminate the scaling system. That's the great thing about them, you almost always can find some mods to get rid of things you don't like and enhance the gameplay. That does need a lot of patience and love to browse around, look for mods, install them and deal with compatibility problems.
Borderlands 2 - I agree with orcishgamer... Borderlands 2 is one of the most unique RPG's, i've played so far. Quite a big game.. can keep you entertained for hours

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition - Fun game, very long and eerie though.

Mass Effect 3 - Pretty Awesome game. Would be good to play the ones before though because it is highly surrounded by the story.

The Secret World - Havent played it, but it looks pretty awesome. :D
Try Mass Effect or Dragon Age. Knights of the Old Republic as well.

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Antimateria: Dragon age origins (or baldurs hate or Torment)
I mean Torchlight isn't even an RPG is just a Diablo thing.

Edit: and That Baldurs Hate is really neat typo. ^^
Let's be honest here..

Almost every game in the universe is an RPG byt he very definition of the term:
A game in which you are playing a role.

In general, I agree with you, games like Torchlight, Diablo, Titan Quest, etc. are not usually really "RPGs" but they are classified as an RPG, because the game industries requirement for an RPG is basically "RPG-esque character improvement through gameplay".. Gamers have adopted the term "ARPG" or "Action Role Playing Game" for games like this.
Okay I know you they're probably not what you had in mind but for character customization and stats...MMORPGs cannot be beat. Most of them revolve around leveling up your character and specializing. The ones I played were World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Wurm Online. Though WoW is more simplified now it's still one of the best games for customizing and specilising your character, Guild wars is not as good but there's not monthly fees and Wurm Online is like a hardcore minecraft (Was made by Notch before Minecraft) which is really staty if that's a word. For example you improve your woodcutting skill to make better wood, which you then level up your crafting skill to make better spoons out of said wood, then improve your cooking skill to make better soups out of said spoons and so on.
Sos been semi sick semi busy for a while now.

As to MMORPG's you suggest thats quite the opposite of what im looking for, i dont know if you have ever played games such as world of warcraft, but you do not choose a lot for your charechter and the superior items are so obvius they might aswell be autoequipped :)
I realise i listed some ARPG's but theres very few ARPS i ever liked, to be honest there is only 4, Morrowind, diablo, darkstone and fallout 3 with its xpo
and fallout is quite different from most arpgs i think most here would agree.

In process of aquiring DA origins atm and trying it out, wil report with what i think of it :) (since it sees to be a big game i suppose theres a certain ammount of time to puut into it before making up your mind tho)