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orcishgamer: Anyone have a list of not front page sale items that are a killer deal?
SimonG: Yeah, I would like to know that too.
I think your best bet would be steamprices for your region, especially since I'm not sure what you'd consider a killer deal. There are though 2821 (or something like that) items on sale, so it is a bit of a pain to browse it, but I don't think there were that many good deals on this sale.

Now to ponder if Batman: Arkham City GOTY is worth it, if I already have the base game...
Not much damage done by this sale. Just Kotor 2 and Dear Esther for me.
Nothing. A couple of times I got a fleeting "Hmm, low price, should I get that now?" thought, but came up with "Nah, I don't have an actual urge to play it right now nor in the near future, so better to get it even cheaper in the future. Or even get it from GOG perhaps, if possible.".

Let's see about the Xmas sales next.
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Nothing for me either.

Already have plenty of games to play so I'll see if I'll buy something during the christmas sale.
Damn indie bundles. I spent the last minutes of the sale struggling about buying EYE Divine Cybermancy or not. Ended up not buying it because my conscience keeps telling me to wait for it to get bundled.

In the end, got only Torchlight II and the DLC for Kung-Fu Strike. Also got a KOTOR II, but I wanted two of them, one for me and one for my GF. One payment error, and now we both refuse to play it until the other can get a copy. Damn.
well, dang I was kind of hoping for a last day reprisal sale and held off on buying what I was wanting to get (mostly the original doom and some other older id games, though there might be a better pack or a slightly steeper discount in the winter sale, well more time to finish Blood I guess)

I just got Offspring Fling, Dredmor and Spacechem DLC, plus a couple small items to give away here or donate to the advent calendar.
I got a bunch of games:
KOTOR 2 (already had the first game) - I wish this game was availible on gog, i'd buy it instantly (yes, for the second time ;p)

Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition

Civilization 5


aaand Witcher 2 which I was able to redeem on gog also - CDP rules, giving a gog copy to everyone who has already bought the game somewhere else.
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I got :

Risen 2
Beyond Divinity
Tachyon : The Fringe

Spent around £17 for those games so got a good deal.

Was hoping to get Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition while it was still £6 but have missed it now :(
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I got :

Mass Effect 3 (Green Man Gaming)
Max Payne 3
Cargo Commander
Mark of the Ninja
Hotline Miami
Lego Batman 2
Transformers : War for Cybertron
Hitman : Blood Money
Orcs Must Die 2 (and all DLC)
Intrusion 2
Sword of the Stars 2

Also, some DLC content for Warlock and Civ V that I was missing.
I got jet set radio and a buddy gave me castle crashers. Wasn't the most interesting sale for me but at least I got these 2 awesome games out of it.
I got:

Kingdom of Amalur bundle (game and 2 DLC for $12 from Amazon)
LA Noire DLC Bundle (all DLC for $3 from Amazon)
Get Loaded Bundle: Civ V GOTY + Spec Ops: The Line ($15 from Get Games)

I love how Steam sales make the other stores one up each other.
orcishgamer: Anyone have a list of not front page sale items that are a killer deal?
SimonG: Yeah, I would like to know that too.
I'm sorry that I didn't see this on time, but at least it will be useful for the winter sale (and others). Steam forums suck, but it's useful to check them (the general discussion subforum to be precise) during the sales because people make such lists.

This was the list, and there was a list of all daily/flash deals too.

I can post the links next time.

And of course, there is didimatic :)
Hey, could someone tell me exactly what Just Cause 2's actual price is right now? Is it back to 15 bucks, 8.99, or 3.74? So hard to figure out. :P
I got (all Steam):

Mark of the Ninja (Beyond Awesom)

Deadlight (not yet played)
Hotline Miami (Doesn't work).
Chains of Satinav (Thanks Orcish)
Tony Hawks HD (not yet played)
I grabbed:

Alan Wake on Gamersgate
Mass Effect 3 (less than ten dollars, wasn't willing to spend more) on Green Man Gaming
Dishonored on Gamersgate
Bioshock 1 & 2 bundle on Amazon
Binary Domain on Amazon
Skyrim DLC on Steam
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic on Steam

So I should be set for about 6 months, no more than I get time to play games.