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Thank you darknath and DodoGeo, +1rep for both of you.
E3 coming very very soon.. so better make this for after :)
Is this for a new group or what? I can still see the old one.
Its a ressurrection. GOG'ers from the old one are still in, newbies to the club are being acceped if they meet the 2 months on GOG & 20 rep critiria as was stated on the front page
nagytow: Is this for a new group or what? I can still see the old one.
same old group.. just reopened in a new thread, since Ubi managed the old thread..
Made it public by mistake, sorry.
Humble Introversion bundle.
Was gifted to me, may not have the extras.
Thanks for the relaunch!
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thanks for the relaunch
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Well, Fortix 2 still seems somehow popular...
Count me in girls and boys! Nick: Kaliosmasteris
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Too many people aren't thanking on the giveaways.

Someone is kind enough to give away a game, you can say thank you on the giveaway page.

Not too much to ask for; also good idea for a new thread.
TQ darknath for doing this even though you're clearly busy these days. And also +1 for dodogeo for triple giveaways..