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Oh it's the old group. I am already in then.
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Already in the old group, but feel free to add me to your friends list.
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and one more to get you through your sunday
Can't hurt to not win anything in something else ;)

I have, so far, won 0 of the Steamgifts giveaways. Kinda crazy, even games that are generally considered 'meh' tend to have hundreds of entrants.
darknath: and one more to get you through your sunday
Very nice, darknath. Thanks for the giveaways and getting things moving. :)
bleh - steamgifts is acting up. It isn't recognizing the OpenID login properly [even though the OpenID page says I am logged in as my steam account and sends the code back to steamgifts]

Oh... no such group exitst... never mind ;)
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I'm in 2, glad when see this group revive :)
Count me in on that non existing group :P
I'd like to join:
Count me in! :)

Thank you darknath.
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Thanks for organizing this!
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Here is the link to my account.

My account is set to private, I'm not sure if you can invite me to a group that way? If not, please let me know and I will change it to public. Thanks for the GOG gift group!
+ 1 rep for darknath .

I'm not participating .
Thanks for the giveaway, Darknath. Glad to hear we're keeping the old Steam group... but just in case that changes in the future, I'll go ahead and leave my profile here.