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15,504 ways to play!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Once the holiday season gets closer, you have to decide what gifts to buy, what wrapping to use, which phone numbers to accidentally delete. There are many decisions to make as you get ready for the holidays, but one decision that we’re making easy for you is, “Should I buy anything from’s Black Friday sale?” (The answer is “yes”, by the way. ;) Not only are we launching the sale early--in case you spend Friday in a turkey-induced coma--but we’re also giving you the power to pick your own promo!

In our Pick 5 & Pay $10 sale you pick 5 out of twenty fantastic indie games and pay $10 for them regardless of the game’s regular full price. That's $2 per game, for such titles like Torchlight, Resonance, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Botanicula, Geneforge 1-5, Uplink, To the Moon, and many others. Seven of these games are both PC and Mac compatible, so everyone can enjoy!

The games are fantastic--and there are so many of them! That's why we started this sale early: to give you time to pick your dream-set of 5 games out of 15,504 possible combinations. You could look at this as another decision you have to make this year, but unlike trying to figure out who you should sit next to your slightly crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, this one’s fun!

Black Friday marks the start of the “shopping season” for the holidays, so don’t forget to buy the gift of GOG for a gamer you love--or even just kind of like. You can’t spread much more holiday joy than this for just $10.
Very generous promo. And I'd like to prefer Pay What You Want event once per month.
I really like your promotion here. Indeed it is very genorous but sadly I already own 90% of those games you offer because they have been bundled by your -homepage wise- evil archnemesi which I won't mention here.

You would probably sell more if you check their bundles and offer diversity.
The overlapping doesn't seem like coincidence but nevertheless something even more "Indie or Underground" title would have conviced me to benefit from your promotion.
I just got:

Mutant Mudds
To The Moon
Gemini Rue

I'm kinda surprised that many people didn't get Mutant Mudds. I played a demo of it and fell in love. Also, Gemini Rue and Resonance are pretty much my first "retro" point-and-click games (played games like Phoenix Wright and Layton), PLUS I still haven't tried the free Beneath a Steel Sky game. So I'm really looking forward to them.

I still wish there was an option to buy them separately ($2 each). Nonetheless, thanks for this great deal, GOG!
this promo definitely made me buy games that i wouldn't have even considered paying for, but was very interested, great promo! (At least in terms of getting me to buy stuff. :P
I've been looking at that games list since this promo began and I still can't make up my mind :(

These three are certain:

To the Moon

The fourth spot will maybe go to Trine. Maybe.

The last spot I want to go for one of those point-and-clickies. I don't think I have ever played one and if I have, I don't remember it. So I want to try one, as I love a good story. But from reading your comments, I can't decide which I should get:

Gemini Rue
Blackwell Bundle

Any suggestions?

Edit: oh and then there's Geneforce, of course. Aaaargh, there are no more spots :(
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I am at the 4th planet (out of 9) in SpaceChem and so far, I'm impressed with this wonderful game.

For now, this game to me already makes the bundle a superb purchase... :D
I ended up buying Machinarium, Trine, Torchlight, Resonance and Geneforge. Almost didn't get that last one because the graphics are so fugly, but I'm so happy I did!

Just wish I could have gotten Gemini Rue too.
If you like to stress your brain, then SpaceChem is excellent choice. This game starts with quite simple tasks, but over time introduces new types of reactors and their parts adding the complexity.

There are a lot of levels along with sandbox where you can design your own or import others. Really worth it's price (even not accounting this excellent promo ;))
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Just purchased this:
Geneforge 1-5
Blackwell Bundle
Gemini Rue

Oh my, when I will have time to play all of them? :D
Bought 15 of the 20 games.
Such a good deal but i would have liked it if you could pay more than $10 by choice.
flemmboy: Bought 15 of the 20 games.
Such a good deal but i would have liked it if you could pay more than $10 by choice.
You can, by choosing less than 5 games. You will still be charged $10
flemmboy: Bought 15 of the 20 games.
Such a good deal but i would have liked it if you could pay more than $10 by choice.
Since I'm nosy, which 5 were deemed unworthy of 2 bucks a piece? ;)
Snagged Geneforge, Resonance, Symphony, and Mutant Mudds.

Symphony was surprisingly good, but as a scrolling shooter fan it irritates me how the enemies come in from the side and the playing space seems too small. It's noting like the Beat Hazard, which is a Robotron clone. I'd rate it as OK. I've recently been spoiled by Jamestown and Really Big Sky.

Mutant Mudds is surprisingly solid. Mechanics feel just right, Soundtrack is phenomenal; authentic 8-bit bliss. The graphics have a diverse color palette making it feel more like an SMS game than a NES game, but either way these aren't authentic 8-bit graphics, too many colors. Not a criticism, just a fan of pixel art making an observation. I highly recommend this game.

Geneforge I'm looking forward to since I've recently gotten into turned based stuff. I usually skip anything fantasy, but this looks unique and doesn't reek of lighthearted campy fantasy humor.

The two adventure games look dark and serious. After finishing Beneath a Steel Sky (fantastic game) my only gripe was the awful humor trying to offset dark tones (except Joey, he was actually funny). So I'm really hoping these new titles renew my love for adventure games.
I've decided to wait for X-mas. Not that this promo is bad, but all the games would go to the backlog so...
I hate being broke.

I also missed the Anuman promo. :(