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15,504 ways to play!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Once the holiday season gets closer, you have to decide what gifts to buy, what wrapping to use, which phone numbers to accidentally delete. There are many decisions to make as you get ready for the holidays, but one decision that we’re making easy for you is, “Should I buy anything from’s Black Friday sale?” (The answer is “yes”, by the way. ;) Not only are we launching the sale early--in case you spend Friday in a turkey-induced coma--but we’re also giving you the power to pick your own promo!

In our Pick 5 & Pay $10 sale you pick 5 out of twenty fantastic indie games and pay $10 for them regardless of the game’s regular full price. That's $2 per game, for such titles like Torchlight, Resonance, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Botanicula, Geneforge 1-5, Uplink, To the Moon, and many others. Seven of these games are both PC and Mac compatible, so everyone can enjoy!

The games are fantastic--and there are so many of them! That's why we started this sale early: to give you time to pick your dream-set of 5 games out of 15,504 possible combinations. You could look at this as another decision you have to make this year, but unlike trying to figure out who you should sit next to your slightly crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, this one’s fun!

Black Friday marks the start of the “shopping season” for the holidays, so don’t forget to buy the gift of GOG for a gamer you love--or even just kind of like. You can’t spread much more holiday joy than this for just $10.
Wow, nice selection! Thanks for the promo!
:D Yay, but I already have most of these games D:
Very very nice, I will be picking up a few of these it seems.
Also, do we get gift codes for the ones we already have?
low rated
Looks like GOG is trying to be the master the devaluation of games...

Anyway. Only modern games, nothing for me ...
Nice promo... and absolutely nothing interesting for me to pick. I've been too diligent with bundles.
Awesome promo, saved $45 on several games I'd been interested in getting.
Got me Torchlight, Trine, Symphony & both winia games.
Very nice offer and selection! I would give in if i did not already own most of those of my interest, but so good for the newcomers!!
Hello to the GOG Indie bundle ;-)

Little bit shocked that, thanks to other indie bundles and regular early purchases, I don't get 5 games together which I don't have. Very likely I will take advantage of the bundle offer, but I will take my time to think which games I choose again (support wise).
low rated
it's a good promo, but they're all indies and/or newer games, which means i already own all of those i actually want from indie bundles and on Steam.

no classics on sale at all?
Was quite interested in 1 title, which is usually already at $9.99, so I just took 4 more to try them out someday later :)
Not bad for an Indie Bundle. Sadly nothing in there that interests me.
Weird but there is absolutely nothing there that I want, oh well gonna go hang my laundry now.
Now this is what I called a promo!
Jeez..No..No..No...Keep to the wishlist...keep to the must-haves...
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