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Pay what you want for Interplay Games on! Get Screamer,
Freespace, Fallout, and 29 more incredible Interplay titles worth nearly

Quick Summary:
1. How Much? Pay as little as $0.01--get 8 Interplay Games.
Pay more than average--get 20 Interplay Games.
Pay $34.99 or more--get 32 Interplay Games +
20 amazing soundtracks, and tons of goodies.
2. Own some of the games? Don't worry--you'll get a giftable code.
3. Want to pay more? Sure you can :)

We're really happy we can present Pay What You Want for Interplay Games to you. For the first time ever, a big-name publisher who's been in the business for decades is offering its catalog at a pay-what-you-want price point, and for the next 14 days, you--our favorite gamers--will have a chance to buy Interplay games available on for a price that cannot be beaten.

For any price you feel is fair, you will receive 8 games, including greats such as Conquest of the New World, Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business, or M.A.X. + M.A.X. 2. Paying more than the average community purchase will net a total of 20 games, with fantastic titles such as Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Freespace + Expansion, or Descent 3 and its expansion included. Finally, the top supporters who pay $34.99 or more, receive the whole Interplay catalog available on more than $190--including the three Fallout games, MDK and MDK 2, Sacrifice, Descent 1+2, Freespace 2, and more.

You already own some of the games? That is not a problem--users who already own some of the games in the bundle will receive a giftable code for titles they have. The holiday season is coming soon(ish), so if any of you is looking for a nice little gift package of unmatchable value for the gamer they love, gift a code for the whole bundle!

Do you love more than the words can say? Well, if you can't say it, you can spread the love by sharing, commenting, tweeting, redditing, posting, finger-painting, or even simply approaching strangers in the streets and yelling "Interplay Pay What You Want on GOG!".

Pay What You Want for Interplay Games--don't wait, this offer will not last forever!
great deal! thanks gog
a very nice promo,

enjoy it newcomers to GOG! :)
Is this the same as the Divinity Promo? Will the top supporter price go down eventually? I bought the last bundle for $18 but i'm low on cash right now.
Post edited October 18, 2012 by Big_McLargeHuge
Interplay might loose some licenses end of the year. Better grab 'em all!
Greeeaaat i don't want any of the first 8..., great deal though
In before people complain about rising average, since they expect everyone to pay $0.01.
Heh, GOG has a very weird definition of PWYW.

Ah well, still good for people who want all of those games.
please grey out or otherwise highlight the games i already own in this kind of deals.
Thanks guys - good show as well
SimonG: Interplay might loose some licenses end of the year. Better grab 'em all!
You sure?
Oh look it's another pay what GOG wants !

Awesome guys..great conference, and some really great promos for new comers and current GOGers. Really feeling the customer love :)
Great deal! Thanks
SimonG: Interplay might loose some licenses end of the year. Better grab 'em all!
Fifeldor: You sure?
Fallout is for sure, don't know about the rest.