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Deals so good, you won't want to fall asleep.
You remember back when you used to walk into a store, browse the shelves, pick out a game, and then buy it--all in the actual real world? We don't know about you, but most of us at have had our limbs atrophy to small vestigial nubbins since all of our shopping happens online these days. Of course, one thing that sometimes happens in real world stores with real world goods--particularly when they have a good sale--is that they run out of stock. Usually that means that the deal was so good that they couldn't keep up with demand.

Well, in the digital realm, this is usually pretty rare. How do you run out of stock on digital games, short of entropy devouring the universe? Well, we have gotten 101 games that will be on sale on the front page of, but the discounts are so high at the moment that we can't just sell an unlimited number of copies of these games: we are only able to sell a few at these discounts--up to 80% off--and once they're gone, they're gone.

So what games will be on sale in our Insomnia promo? Bestselling classics and new games alike. There will also occasionally be some free games in super limited numbers (like, 20 or 30 copies)--if you're fast enough on the trigger finger to pick 'em up, that is. The deal will run from now until we're out of "stock" of games for the sale, and games may show up more than once. So it's time to bathe in a tub of coffee*, dip some espresso**, snort an energy drink***, or do whatever else it takes to stay up so you don't miss out on the best deals on fantastic games on since summer.</p>
*This is probably not a good idea
**This is definitely not a good idea
***This is totally safe, though****
Post edited November 13, 2013 by TheEnigmaticT
TurnipSlayerr: Whaaaat? :(
JudasIscariot: Someone had to keep them busy :P
Ha, I thought you meant at work! I think I need to sleep :D
JudasIscariot: Someone had to keep them busy :P
TurnipSlayerr: Ha, I thought you meant at work! I think I need to sleep :D
See, everyone, we had insomnia too :)
cjc7: Dreamfall, The longest Journey
Niknos: Dungeon Keeper 2, great atmosphere, played it so much during high school.

Never got around playing part 1... but I see the Gold version here... ;)

Dreamfall is beautiful too, is Syberia series on GOG?
Yes, both games make their home here :)
high rated

We'll post some facts here in this thread and on social media as well in a bit, but I wanted to say thanks for staying up with us in our Insomnia Sale. Get some sleep, y'all. :)
high rated
mawihtec: looking forward to the stats hey any blues aroiund ?
any news on when we get to see some stats ?
You enter a dimly lit room.Within this room, you spy a table right in the very center. It is a humble table with the usual amount of legs (4), and very table-like. On the table there is a pile of neatly stacked documents. The contents of the documents are precisely handwritten in electric blue ink. It would appear to be charts filled with columns of numbers and game titles.

>read documents

Your fingers tremble with anticipation as you rifle through the documents and your eyes greedily take in the contents. Your eyes land upon the words "TOP SECRET GOG.COM SALES STATS". You miss the little note written in cursive on the bottom of the first page. The note would've read "TheEnigmaticT, we need to have a meeting about meetings. Signed G." Since you didn't see this note, it reads nothing and you'll never find out who the mysterious G. actually is. This game hopes you know that.

>examine documents

You think to yourself "AT LAST! I have found the secret stats! I shall proceed to the General Discussion forum and gloat, perhaps I can sell this TOP SECRET information and become rich beyond my dreams!" You proceed to take this vital information with you. You stuff the documents into the inner pocket of your somewhat fashionable sports jacket. Suddenly, behind you a door creaks open and a mysterious gentleman walks into the room.

>start panicking

Sorry, this game does not understand "start panicking".

>look at room

You furtively look around the room, hoping that there is an exit but, alas, there is only way out. The mysterious gentleman continues to walk calmly towards you.

>examine gentleman

The gentleman is rather mysterious.So mysterious that the writer of this script is unable to describe him and besides, they don't pay by the word anymore so why bother? The gentleman stops right in front of you, a hint of a wry smile on his lips. He extends his hand and speaks only two words. Two very important words. Two words uttered calmly with a slight hint of a Russian accent.

"Papers, please!"

(I hope you enjoy this response. Inspired by an article about Douglas Adams and how he tried to shake up the tried and true standards of the venerable text adventure :) )
howardc007: Has anyone summoned The List?
gogbot: The holy text of the The List has stabilized in its current form so we might understand it at our mortal level. We can never be sure when it will transform again, so gaze in awe at all its glory while you have the chance.
Geez, you guys sound like the Great Pattern worshipers from 4chan's /v/ :D
marlowe221: Just want to say that I thought this promo was fantastic and I think GOG ought to do it again sometime.
mondo84: Insomnia Sale 2: Keane Harder
Insomnia Sale 2: The Ride Still hasn't Ended
IAmSinistar: Time Machine was fun too, but Insomnia had the best forum conversations around the sale, especially once nerves began to fray.

That being said, repeats are seldom as good as the first time, so we could be setting ourselves up for a disappointment. I'm willing to take that gamble, and it's worth it anyway to inflict Insomnia on a new batch of GOG members. :)
Fever_Discordia: Wait - So you're saying it was better BECAUSE it got stuck and caused frustration and generated overly positive Jake Keene reviews on the game's page because of the conversation generated?
LOL masochist!
Hey, the Insomnia Sale managed to be one of the better threads on 4chan's /v/:) People actually liked the shared comraderie-through-adversity thing and they claimed it was nice to see a thread without the console wars or stuff like that :)
JudasIscariot: Hey, the Insomnia Sale managed to be one of the better threads on 4chan's /v/:) People actually liked the shared comraderie-through-adversity thing and they claimed it was nice to see a thread without the console wars or stuff like that :)
Fever_Discordia: Yeah, well, we Brits, especially Londoners still bang on about the 'Blitz Spirit' and how we all pulled together through the adversity, as a source of national pride
Doesn't mean we want any more actual bombing raids though!
Oh, well, guess I'll just call off those planes... :P
JudasIscariot: Oh, well, guess I'll just call off those planes... :P
Fever_Discordia: And the stealth tanks! Don't forget to call off the stealth tanks! Sneaky Poles!
What stealth tanks? I never saw any...