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Vagabond: Also, wouldn't 14 be the most logical choice to announce a new publisher? Like, what else could be the big star? Daikatana?


Yes. Yes.
Your fascination with that game puzzles me. :D
Delixe: Also it would be an epic troll move to release something like Daikatana especially if you spend a week building up to the release. You could all have that weekend off safe in the knowledge that there would be lulz on the forums.
Having had the distinctive, um, pleasure of playing that game shortly after release (And was not, oddly, made John Romero's bitch), I would think the likely result of releasing Daikatana after two weeks of buildup would be that someone would fly out to Poland, track down our offices, and stab me in the face.

But could just be my view of things. :P