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In meh early firties wit no wife to flip me birdies.
I'm 24, turning 25 in August
hudfreegamer: In meh early firties wit no wife to flip me birdies.
that could mean either thirties, forties, or fifties :)
21 here :)
27, though in grad school years I'm 79 ...
I turned 28 just 3 months ago, and don't plan to ever get married. But all the best to you and your wife.
I'm not sure what my average age is....

But my actual age is 53. I've been gaming since they had pinball in the 7-11 stores. Now I just sit in front of the computer and fill my adult diaper and gaming as much as wifey will tolerate. And when she won't tolerate any more, I drink bourbon until I can tolerate her intolerance.

Been married 28 years, seems to be working.

I still think she's a vampire.
30 here.
I'm 31.
40 in July. First game played would have to be Pong on the Atari. First game played on the C64 would have to be one of the Zork games or the Bard's Tale. First PC game played would be Quake II on a friend's rig. First game purchased and played would probably be Baldur's Gate or Rainbow Six.