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It's snowing over here! Due to different reasons, I hadn't seen any snow in a couple of years. And as annoying as it ends up, I kinda missed it.

How often do you guys see the snow? And would you miss it?
The first time I saw it this year was about 2 weeks ago.

Which, considering I had to shovel it 6 hours that day, was one time too many.
I bet it's lovely. I have never seen something like that in my life... :(
I do believe I live more up North than Anchorage.

I see it a lot.
I always find it quite funny the way the UK comes to a grinding halt when snow falls. In Germany, everything just runs as normal, but because the Brits don't have any kind of snow/ice tyre regulations, everything just stops here. Offices close, schools close, people can't get up hills with their cars.
I love snow! I adore it! Winter is my favorite because the snow and the holidays. Here, it snows every winter. Such a magical time :D
I think I'd like snow more if it were warmer.
I live in Western Massachusetts. I am fairly familiar with snow, thank you very much. :P
i wouldn't mind never seeing it again
Well we usually see lots of snow here in Canada. But there hasn't been much where I am. I just looked outside and the ground is green with grass. It is not normal. The weather people said it was suppost to be a more normal winter this year. They were wrong, it has been pretty warm often. It was a weird winter last year as well.

It has snowed this year and last, but not as much and it doesn't stick around. But I could live without snow.
P1na: How often do you guys see the snow? And would you miss it?
I usually see it (to some degree) every winter, and yes, I would definitely miss it. There's snow on the ground here right now.
Snow? I've heard of it. It's something like rain, isn't it?
Here in Stockholm snow is not all that rare. We had a few years where there were very little snow, but during the last couple of years, the snow has been back in full force... and our trains don't like it.

I would not want to be entirely without snow, but I would rather be without massive snowfalls, as it causes traffic issues, in particular when combined with strong winds. And if it snows, the temperature should not rise above 0C for the duration of the winter (which it always does, by the way) as when it freezes again, getting somewhere can be tricky.
It have been freezing cold for too long here, and I am hoping for a long and hot summer. In fact i dont think i'll even miss the winter, if we -somehow- got a tropical climate here.
The place where I currently live has six months of winter... it was below -30C a few days ago. I just went outside to buy some morning groceries, and trust me when I say that there was snow. Piles and piles of it everywhere. We had a blizzard earlier this month too. I can honestly say that I have seen enough snow to last me for several lifetimes. I wish I could move back to a warmer country...