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I have an extra key for Home on Steam, and if you want it, just post here.

Home is a special and short indie game (it takes a little more than an hour to finish it) and the ending to the story depends on the decisions you take during the game.

Anyone with at least 20 in reputation can participate in this small giveaway, including new users from October and November ;)

I think 20 in reputation is enough for legit GOG users, and instead of posting the codes in the Ninja Giveaway, I prefer to give the same opportunity for everyone interested in the game, and let RANDOM.ORG to decide who will win the game.

As always, I will post the results from RAMDOM.ORG at the end of the giveaway, and this will be open for at least 48 hours (possibly this will end at 18:00 hours GMT-03:00 in November 26, 2012).

Good luck! :)

P.S.: If you don't win the giveaway, Home is 66% off on Steam for $1.01...
Post edited November 24, 2012 by Azrael360
I'm in. ^^

Thanks for the giveaway. +1
Not entering, but thank you for your generosity Azrael360! +1
Post edited November 24, 2012 by K_1269
Not in, but +1.
I'm in
I'm in. +1 Azrael360.
Already have it (from keeveek) . +1
I'm in. Thanks a lot, Azrael360! +1
I'm in too, thank you very much!
Sign me up!

not entering Azrael360, +1 and thank you :)
Sure, I'm in. =)
Count me in.
I'll try my luck here :P, thanks!
count me in