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While I may have sort of created this thread with my disapproval of increasing multiplayer-focused games in mind, it's not exactly what I really want to discuss. There are only very few games I actually enjoy in multi. Most of the time though the great disconnect for me just makes them unfun for me.

I much rather play a game with others in the same room, and not video games at that. Board games, that's where it's at! Actually having to really interact with your fellow players (with some healthy helping of tomfoolery) is that much more engaging and fun. A video game certainly will never be able to hold as much of a social factor, in my mind.

That's probably also why I keep looking at MMOs and not getting them... at all. You want to interact with others, but not face to face? That's really the only draw there is to these games, since as games they typically don't seem to be particularly good (at least not as far as I can see). I don't think I'll ever figure it out.

It doesn't come as a big surprise then when I say that I prefer my video games to be of the singleplayer variety. Not only because they have greater focus on narrative and gameplay in general, but also because I consider them for my 'me times'. Something I can play when and where I want. I don't know why, but there's just something very tedious about arranging games online, and playing with strangers is more often than not quite unappealing.

So that's basically it for me: Single = Video Games / Multi = Tabletop Games

I was just curious to see if anybody else has similar preferences. Or does it matter to you at all? I suppose there are plenty who embrace single and multi in video games equally... or even who prefer multi, though I can't exactly see why.
I like SP better usually because I can dictate the rate of play and what I do as I play more than with most MP games.

No having to rush through a map following the group to the next objective or being sent back to the outdoors(After a dungeon/etc area as found in ) area after a raid or quest/mission is completed but before I feel "done" with it(Looked around the level, etc...which I often like to do.). No sharing the "loot" and whatnot received from beating enemies(If it's one of those types of games like RPGs).

I do like MP though, sometimes, but mostly for short time limit sessions in shooter games(TF classic comes to mind)....not playing through SP campaigns with people online or MMO party missions.