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keeveek: btw. Binding of Isaac is DRM free on Steam. You don't need to have steam launched to play it.
I have it from HIB, so that's not the case. It's that I want to have all my games on GOG.

And I'm one of those "Steam - no buy" people.
Good idea, $2.99 games would be awesome.
got my support, I don't see why there couldn't be lower non sale price points like 2.99, 3.99 and 4.99
To answer the topic title: Absolutely.

There's no reason not to now they've broken out of their old two price point structure.

You need more?
Why not? I like cheap games and it's possible some games are not here because there would be too expensive at 5.99 price point.

It used to make sense as it got GOG some games cheaper than they'd have otherwise been. But now it's nonsensical, backwards and damaging.
I voted yes for this - it would allow GOG more flexibility on older games that can't be bundled and aren't worth $5.99.
I support indie and traditional developers being able to set reasonable prices for new and old classics.
I really think GOG should cut price points altogether. It used to be good to force certain price on old games they have aquired (look! Everyone's price is the same!) But now, it's pointless.
Absolutely Yes.

It would help sales for sure, plus bring traffic to the site. GOG would be more competitive with Steam and Green Man Gaming as well.
By and large – yes, but truth to be told I can hardly imagine $5.99 game that I would be even remotely interested in – and in the same time considered it overpriced…
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Starmaker: Transarctica - $2.99
I would pay 6$ for this!
Starmaker: Transarctica - $2.99
SimonG: I would pay 6$ for this!
I would pay $20 for this. But it's $2.99 on DotEmu, and if it goes up on GOG for more than that, it'll make GOG look bad.
A cheaper price but without the freebies - wallpapers, avatars etc
Since in € it isn`t that much, i would say that i don`t care. But who knows for how long (thanks to the dumb euro crisis), so i think 5 $ would be a fair and good price.