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I'm in.
I'm in,thanks!
I'm in, Thanks
Spinning this Roulette

That's French for little wheel

Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to everyone!
in and +
Count me in, thank you.
I'm in, thanks. :)
Thanks and +1 for your generosity, cbean85!

Also, a little promotion in the Giveaways' Directory:

Is re-gifting allowed by the rules? Please feel free to disregard my post if it isn't possible, as I own already this wonderful game (thanks, Gazoinks & Starmaker!)
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I'm in, thanks
Thank you very much, count me in also! :)
I'm in. :-)
Thank you!
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Shiny, shiny FTL. Definitely in!
I coundn't control myself for this second round, so count me in.

Thanks cbean85
Space Roguealike,,,,yes please

Thanks, I'm in :)